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Fuzzrocious Pedals

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Fuzzrocious Pedals

Fuzzrocious Pedals have been in existence for around 14 years and every pedal is hand built by Ryan Ratajski.  Fuzzrocious Pedals have built a reputation for some of the most creative effects pedals on the market.  With standard ranges, plus modification and custom orders available.  With the level of experience that goes into each Fuzzrocious Pedals pedal, you can be sure that you are buying a quality effects pedal.

The Fuzzrocious Pedals range is available with of modifications and custom artwork.  If you want a custom Fuzzrocious Pedals pedal, please email your requirements through to and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

Thank you again to Ryan for kindly offering a UK dealership and support.

The Fuzzrocious Pedals range of effects pedals includes:

  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Electric Ocean
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Croak
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Playing Mantis
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Li'l Fella
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals M.O.T.H.
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals 420 Fuzz V2
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Cat Tail
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Afterlife
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Baby Furnace
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Grey Stache
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Cat King
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Heliotropic
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals The Demon
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Demon King
  • Fuzzrocious Pedals Death Whistle


Fuzzrocious Pedals are hand built and wired in Mount Laurel, United States of America.

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