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Charity Work


Gear Industry Fund Raiser 2022

The 2022 Gear Industry fundraiser has concluded, and thanks to the generous donations from partners and ticket sales, we collectively raised £395 for Nordoff Robbins. Combining this year's amount with the previous year's, we have raised a total of £1105 for charity over the past two years. This achievement represents a significant contribution.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors who participated, including:

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket.  In all honesty, I thought twice whether to run a raffle this year, because, quite frankly, the world is experiencing tough financial times.  However, the kind generosity of others always spurs me on and puts a warm smile on my face.

Thank you to everyone who supported the initiative by donating gear, buying tickets and sharing posts.

Steve Dennis

FX Pedal Planet Limited

Gear Industry Fund Raiser 2021

FX Pedal Planet Online Store founder, Steve, the lucky winner of a selection of effects pedals from Zander Circuitry's Big Green Giveaway, decided to use this opportunity for a noble cause. Instead of incorporating the effects pedals into his own rig, Steve selflessly chose to donate them back to the industry to hold a raffle and raise money for charity. The chosen charity was the CCLG (Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group) through Serens All Stars, inspired by a courageous young girl named Seren, who can be seen in the image below, proudly holding a guitar.

Seren was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of six and is now eight and a half years old. We understand the significance of those precious "half years" for eight-year-olds. After undergoing two years of treatment, Seren is currently in the monitoring phase, having completed her chemotherapy. Like many other children, Seren faced each therapy session with remarkable bravery. She is an incredibly beautiful girl, always wearing a heartwarming smile and sharing her love for singing, just like her mother.

Through the FX Pedal Planet Community, Steve announced his decision to donate his new effects pedal winnings to raise funds for the CCLG. The industry quickly rallied together, with various partners stepping forward to support the cause. Generous contributions were made by partners such as Zander Circuitry, Loaded for Bear Audio, Stompkins Pedals, Hello Sailor Effects, Mark Abrahams Guitarist, Tate FX, True North Pedals, Emmergy FX, Don Poniz, FFX Pedals, Intensive Care Audio, Goliath Studios, Custom Amp Magnet Logos, Five Cats Pedals, Solaris, Destroying Amps Gear Demos, and Vector Effectors.

These industry partners donated effects pedals, footswitch buttons, instrument cables, band merchandise, DIY pedal kits, and more. Some even offered their own personal gear to support the charity event. Collectively, the industry raised a remarkable total of £710 for the CCLG.

Steve plans to make this fundraising event a regular occurrence, gathering industry partners together to continue raising much needed funds for charitable causes.

Please keep an eye out in FX Pedal Planet Community for details of future fund raisning events.