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Charity Work

In 2021, Steve won a selection of effects pedals from Zander Circuitry in their Big Green Giveaway.  Instead of rigging these pedals to his own board, Steve decided to use the opportunity for good.

The idea was simple, Steve would donate the pedals back into the industry to raffle and raise money for charity.  The charity chosen was the CCLG via Serens All Stars and the inspiration was a little girl called Seren who can be seen in the image below holding a guitar.

Seren was diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of six and is eight and a half now.  We all know how those 'half years' are so important to eight year olds.  Having undergone two years of treatment, Seren is now on monitoring after completing chemotherapy.

Like so many other children, Seren faced every therapy session with so much bravery.  Seren is one of the most beautiful girls you would ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Seren has a heart warming smile and loves to sing, just like her mother.

Via FX Pedal Planet Community, Steve posted that his new effects pedal winnings would be donated back into the industry in an attempt to raise money for the CCLG.  Quickly, partners in the industry stepped forward to help the cause.  Partners including Zander Circuitry, Loaded for Bear Audio, Stompkins Pedals, Hello Sailor Effects, Mark Abrahams Guitarist, Tate FX, True North Pedals, Emmergy FX, Don Poniz, FFX Pedals, Intensive Care Audio, Goliath Studios, Custom Amp Magnet LogosFive Cats Pedals, Solaris, Destroying Amps Gear Demos and Vector Effectors.

Industry partners donated effects pedals, footswitch buttons, cables, band merchandise, DIY pedal kits and more.  Some even donated their own gear towards the charity event.

As an industry, a grand total of £710 was raised for the CCLG.

This fund raising event is one that Steve intends to run each year with partners in the industry gathering together to raise much needed funds.

Please keep an eye out in FX Pedal Planet Community for details of future fund raisning events.