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Anasounds Element Le Bon Bundle

Element Le Bon Bundle


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  • Legendary Fender Twin Reverb tone in a pedal
  • Experience authentic analog reverb with physical spring stimulation
  • Immerse yourself in pure and natural vintage sound
  • Precise controls for ideal reverb blend, volume, and EQ
  • Unique spring saturation switch unlocks versatile sonic possibilities
  • Handcrafted with care and precision for outstanding performance
  • Timeless and elegant real mahogany faceplate design
  • Rugged all metal enclosure for reliable performance
  • Intricately laser etched graphic complements its character
  • Stylish branded logo LED power indicator adds sophistication
  • Clear screen of Le Bon showcases captivating visual action of the springs
  • Noise free bypass functionality for worry free performance
  • Jack and RCA sockets for convenient connections
  • Le Bon perfectly fits above or below your pedalboard
  • Unleash creativity with the unique "HIT THE TANK" feature
  • Rubber feet ensure stability against powerful drummers' kicks
  • Manufacturer's three year warranty for satisfaction guaranteed


Immerse yourself in the iconic tones of the Anasounds Element spring reverb pedal. Experience the analog magic that faithfully captures the legendary Fender Twin Reverb sound. Transport your guitar playing to the sun soaked beaches of 60s California, where Dick Dale, David Gilmour, and Bob Marley crafted unforgettable riffs. Rediscover the allure of springs and add depth and harmonics to your sound.

Seamlessly integrate the compact Anasounds Element pedal into your setup. Its detachable tank offers flexibility in placement, secured with provided screws. Upgrade your sound with vintage tones and captivating reverberations.

Introducing the Anasounds Le Bon, a compact powerhouse with real springs and analog circuitry. It delivers authentic vintage tones that make your music come alive. Its small size maximises pedalboard space, providing a sleek, organised setup. Connect it seamlessly to the Anasounds Elements controller for full tone and effects control.

Unlock your guitar's true potential with the Anasounds Element and Le Bon Bundle. Elevate your playing and captivate audiences worldwide. Are you ready for a sonic revolution?

Hit The Tank

Experience the unparalleled uniqueness of the Anasounds Le Bon, where real springs unlock a realm of extraordinary sonic exploration. Strike the reverb tank and discover a world of new sounds and textures, empowering you to push the boundaries of your music like never before.

Concerned about stability? Worry not! The Anasounds Le Bon comes equipped with rubber feet that keep it securely in place, even against the thunderous kicks of the mightiest drummers.

Step into a captivating world of sonic enchantment with the Anasounds Le Bon. Elevate your performances to extraordinary heights and leave an indelible impression on your audience. Don't miss out on this analog gem that promises to transport your music to new dimensions. Let your creativity soar with the Anasounds Le Bon and embark on a musical journey that knows no limits.


  • MIX: Discover your perfect dry/wet ratio for exceptional reverb. From 100% dry to 100% wet, find your ideal blend and control the amount of reverb with ease
  • OUT: Take charge of the wet branch volume. Go from no reverb to a powerful +9dB boost. In spring saturation mode, experience a massive +18dB boost for a truly explosive sound
  • LOW: Shape your low frequencies with the two band active EQ. Remove bass entirely or add a punchy +6dB boost. Perfect for layering or subtle reverbs that enhance your mix
  • HIGH: Fine tune your sound's treble frequencies. Sculpt your sonic landscape with precision and achieve the perfect balance
  • Spring saturation: Unleash the switch's unique power of spring saturation. Keep it up for an intact spring sound. Flip it down for a saturated, fuzz like overdrive effect. Prepare for a truly exceptional experience that will leave you wanting more

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Authentic analog spring reverb tank
  • Reliable RCA connection for seamless performance
  • Superior components for exceptional audio quality
  • Noiseless switching ensures uninterrupted operation
  • Convenient and secure RCA connectors for easy connections
  • 9V centre negative power supply
  • Battery operation not supported
  • Truetone current consumption meter readings (mA):
    • 43 mA in bypass mode
    • 118 mA maximum consumption

Enclosure Dimensions

Le Bon

  • Length: 180 mm / 7.09 in
  • Width: 60 mm / 2.36 in
  • Height : 40 mm / 1.57 in


  • Length: 119 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 63 mm / 2.5 in
  • Height : 42 mm / 1.6 in


Le Bon

  • 233g
  • 0.51 lbs


  • 304g
  • 0.67 lbs

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