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Anasounds Sandman



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  • A versatile, handcrafted overdrive pedal designed for customised, premium quality tone
  • Sandman offers a spectrum of sounds, from crystal clear treble to modern midrange focused tones
  • Dynamic and expressive overdrive capabilities
  • Fine tune your sound with intuitive control options for detailed tonal adjustments
  • Combines the classic Savage MKI and Ego Driver circuits for unique sonic possibilities
  • Internal settings for fine tuned adjustments, allowing you to shape your own signature sound
  • Each Sandman pedal is meticulously crafted in France, ensuring top tier quality
  • The all metal enclosure ensures the Sandman is built to withstand the rigors of live performances
  • A laser etched mahogany faceplate adorned with sand dune and sun graphics for a unique aesthetic
  • The branded logo power LED adds a unique and eye catching feature to your pedalboard
  • Top mounted jack sockets and DC input save pedalboard space, ensuring a neat and compact setup
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a generous three year warranty


In 2015, Anasounds made waves in the world of music with the launch of their first overdrive pedal, the Savage. Fast forward to today, and the Savage still stands as a benchmark for excellence in the realm of overdrives. Now, in response to the enthusiastic demand from their devoted community, Anasounds is proud to introduce the Sandman, a limited edition stompbox that reimagines the original Savage MKI in a fresh and exciting way.

What sets the Sandman apart? It's all about combining the timeless charm of the Anasounds Savage MKI with the potent Anasounds Ego Driver overdrive. These two pedals harmonise perfectly, offering immense sonic possibilities without monopolising your pedalboard's real estate. With the added convenience of top mounted jacks, integrating it into your setup is easy.

But here's the twist: the Sandman isn't just a reissue; it's a limited edition production with a unique approach. And remember, it remains a limited edition, so when they're gone, they're gone!

The Sandman is more than just an overdrive; it's a versatile tool that empowers you to choose between two distinctive sounds: the transparent allure of the Anasounds Savage MKI or the captivating mid boost magic of the Ego Driver. However, the true enchantment arises when you stack them together. Blending these two overdrives unlocks a world of intricate and electrifying sonic textures that will breathe life into your music.

The Anasounds Savage MKI excels at preserving your guitar and amp's unique character while adding harmonics, thickness, and even a volume boost. On the other hand, the Ego Driver is a superb mid boost, ideal for propelling a crunchy amp into the stratosphere. When combined, the Anasounds Ego Driver complements the Anasounds Savage MKI's rich tones by introducing mid presence, creating a sound that quickly becomes indispensable.

And here's what makes the Anasounds Sandman versatile: it's not limited to guitarists alone. Bass players will revel in the warmth and low frequency fidelity of this overdrive, a rarity in a pedal originally designed for guitars. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the Anasounds Savage MKI's gain knob, it maintains those rich low frequencies even at higher gain settings. Additionally, the Hi/Lo switch on the Ego Driver enables you to boost those critical low mids, perfect for making bass solos stand out or enhancing a heavy rhythm section.

Handcrafted in France with top tier components, the Anasounds Sandman truly upholds Anasounds' high end reputation. This boutique pedal not only boasts stunning aesthetics but also features the coveted and elusive Germanium diode responsible for the Savage MKI's legendary sound. This distinctive component is one of the reasons that make the Sandman a limited edition, ensuring you acquire a piece of pedal history.

At Anasounds, the commitment to sound quality matches the passion of their customers. The Sandman embodies this dedication to quality and innovation. It's time to elevate your music to new heights with the Anasounds Sandman, a limited edition masterpiece that deserves a prominent place in your collection. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of audio artistry.


The Anasounds Sandman is split into two sections: the Savage MKI and the Ego Driver, each with 3 potentiometers, a toggle switch and a footswitch.

Savage MKI (Left Side)

  • OUTPUT: Tailor the Savage's volume with a generous reserve, doubling as a powerful preamp for amp saturation
  • TONE: Dial in the Savage's tone for added presence and punch in your mix
  • GAIN: Fine tune saturation, from warm clean to rich overdrive, perfect for bass players
  • CLIPPING (Ge/Si): Choose between Germanium for vintage warmth or Silicon for dynamic versatility

Ego Driver (Right Side)

  • OUT: Adjust the Ego Driver's output volume and fine tune Savage's pre gain for varying levels of saturation
  • TONE: Shape the Ego Driver's tone to emphasise midrange or add treble for precision
  • GAIN: Control the Ego Driver's crunch, stack it with Savage for coloration, and adjust with volume
  • HI/LO: Modify Ego Driver's voicing for lower or upper midrange saturation, or retain the classic mid boost


Precision circuit adjustments accessible via internal settings, meticulously fine tuned by the Anasounds team to ensure the pedal's signature sound.

  • HIGH: Tailor the upper end saturation in Hi mode, refining the upper midrange for subtle effects
  • BASS: Shape lower end saturation in Lo mode, enhancing the lower midrange subtly
  • DIODES/LED: Select original clipping with 1N914 silicon diodes or dynamic, less compressed LED
  • T/M (Treble/Midrange): Choose between crystal clear treble (T) or modern, midrange-focused sound (M), best with max tone

In the Savage MKI, Anasounds discovered an unused diode slot. They have retained it in the Sandman for your diode experiments.

The Signal Chain

Being a versatile overdrive, the Anasounds Sandman offers multiple applications. Place it before a preamp or a saturated amp to enhance presence. Alternatively, position it after a fuzz pedal for added definition and midrange.

Both channels can be used individually or together, providing various sonic textures. While it shines ahead of delay and reverb, there are no rigid guidelines. The magic lies in experimenting with different setups to discover your perfect sound!

Example Settings

Julien Bitoun: Amp Dynamics

Incorporate the Savage as an "always on" preamp, setting the gain to a minimum for subtle colouration, and the volume to maximum to amplify your amp's saturation. Its impact is strongly influenced by your amp's characteristics and settings, particularly when used with a lightly crunched amp. Note that the Ge/Si switch has no effect when the gain is at zero.

The Ego Driver, on the other hand, serves as a gain booster. Elevate your amp's saturation with increased volume and experience the distinctive midrange boost along with its unique tonal character at 11 o'clock gain setting.

Swan Vaude: A Dynamic and Expressive Drive

The Anasounds Savage serves as a foundational tone, infusing colour and dynamics into a clean amp. Set the gain to zero to embrace the Savage's tonal essence and slightly boost volume with a lower setting.

For added presence in the mix, the Ego Driver delivers with its pronounced tone and Hi voicing. A touch of gain introduces subtle coloration, making it perfect for accentuating lead parts.

Nico Chona (Tone Factory): Mixing Pedal and Amp Character

Nico Chona, from Tone Factory, skilfully demonstrates the art of merging pedal and amp character with the Anasounds Savage. Amplify your amp's texture with a gentle volume boost and introduce the Savage's unique character by setting the gain at 11 o'clock. For enhanced clarity and precision, utilise the T tone and voicing, especially when paired with a slightly crunched amp.

With the Ego Driver, indulge in amplified amp saturation, cranking up the volume and harnessing LED clipping for dynamic brilliance. As the gain increases, expect the addition of texture and a pronounced midrange.

Components and Technical Specifications

  • High quality components for exceptional use and sound
  • Germanium and Silicon diode clipping options
  • Internal settings for precise circuit adjustments
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 45 mA bypass
    • 135 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 118 mm / 4.6 in
  • Width: 93 mm / 3.6 in
  • Height: 40 mm / 1.6 in


  • 375 g
  • 0.83 lbs

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