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Anasounds Utopia



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  • Captivating tape style delay pedal with modulation
  • Beautiful echoes that create an enchanting atmosphere
  • Effortlessly conjure slap back and ethereal soundscapes
  • Harmonises effortlessly with clean or overdriven tones
  • Embark on a sonic odyssey with limitless creativity
  • Customisation made easy with intuitive controls
  • Fine tune your perfect tone with precision EQ adjustments
  • Versatile delay repeats from 0 to an impressive 600ms
  • Personalise your Utopia to match your unique style
  • Hand built with love and dedication for a difference you can feel
  • Durable all metal enclosure with genuine mahogany front plate
  • Birds in flight graphics evoke freedom and expression
  • Personalise your Utopia with stylish and adjustable LED brightness
  • Reliable true bypass for pristine signal integrity
  • Tidy pedalboard layout with top mounted jack sockets
  • Three year warranty for lasting quality and durability


Welcome to the world of boundless sonic exploration with the Anasounds Utopia, your gateway to timeless echoes.

This extraordinary delay pedal unlocks the full potential of your creative spirit, providing the ultimate tape echo style delay effects. Prepare to be captivated as beautiful sounds await, igniting your artistic inspiration.

The Anasound Utopia's unique pt2399 chip infuses your tones with unmatched character, delivering warmth, sparkle, refinement, and a vintage essence that sets it apart from other delay pedals. Its calibrated echoes range from 0 to 400ms, extendable up to an impressive 600ms, allowing you to immerse yourself in stunning delay tones.

With the DLY knob, conjure delightful slap backs, ethereal soundscapes, and mesmerising dotted eighths, while the MIX control harmonises effortlessly with your wet and dry tones, empowering your guitar to shine. Activate the MOD toggle to experience graceful tape style warble that transports you to cosmic dimensions, accompanied by near infinite repeats from the RPT knob.

Customise the Anasounds Utopia to your unique preferences with internal dip switches and trimmers. From tone and depth to LED brightness, make it truly yours.

Embark on a sonic odyssey today with the Anasounds Utopia, where each note becomes an unforgettable melody, and your guitar becomes a gateway to infinite possibilities


  • FOOTSWITCH: Effortless bypass control for seamless effects switching
  • MIX: Craft your perfect blend of dry and wet signals
  • RPT: Customise captivating echoes with adjustable repeat count
  • DLY: Shape unique echo experiences with adjustable time and space
  • MOD: Add vintage tape style modulation with a single press
  • TONE TRIMMER: Tailor your tone from warm tape to clean brilliance
  • DEPTH TRIMMER: Dive deep or keep it subtle, moulding your sound
  • RATE TRIMMER: Fine tune tempo from gentle to vibey tones
  • LIGHT TRIMMER: Personalise LED brightness to match your style
  • DIP SWITCH: Switch between 400ms and 600ms repeats effortlessly

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Superior quality with meticulously chosen high grade components
  • Discover a versatile delay range from 0 to 400ms, stretching up to 600ms
  • Experience seamless and noise free operation with reliable soft switching
  • Tailor your Utopia to perfection with internal trimmers and dip switches
  • Powered by standard 9V centre negative supply
  • Battery operation not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 30 mA bypass
    • 90 mA maximum

Enclosure Dimensions 

  • Length: 119 mm / 4.7 in  
  • Width: 63 mm / 2.5 in  
  • Height : 42 mm / 1.6 in 


  • 289 g
  • 0.64 lbs

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