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Collision Devices Crushturnal



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  • Versatile multi effects unit with reverb, delay, innovative sequencing, and intuitive controls for seamless integration
  • Delivers lush ambience, deep dimension, unique textures, dynamic sequencing, and celestial soundscape
  • Intuitively designed for responsive control, durability, and comfort in live and studio settings
  • Intuitive knobs for precise adjustment of reverb, delay, and sequencing parameters
  • Tailor brightness with the filter control for ambient soundscapes or crisp tones
  • Colour coded controls for quick navigation and effortless manipulation of effects
  • Mix reverb and delay levels seamlessly to shape your desired sound
  • Adjustable clock speeds and modes for dynamic rhythmic variations in music creation
  • Advanced circuit design enhances signal processing, maintains fidelity, and ensures reliability in professional musical applications
  • Crafted with precision, attention to detail, and premium materials for superior performance
  • Rugged all metal enclosure offers durable protection and professional aesthetic for reliable performance in any setting
  • Stylish minimalist graphics enhance usability and aesthetics with clear, intuitive design for effortless operation
  • LED power indicators for instant power status visibility and professional presentation
  • True bypass integrity maintains pure tone with noise free switching for transparent signal integrity
  • Top mounted jacks and DC input for space saving, secure connectivity on any pedalboard setup
  • Supported by a lifetime warranty, ensuring enduring peace of mind and exceptional customer support


Inspired by the subtle imperfections in digital clocks, the Collision Devices Crushturnal is a unique multi effects processor that transforms and reimagines your sound. This Collision Devices Crushturnal blends creative and innovative effects like delay, reverb, and pitch shifting with a cutting edge clock sequencer that syncs seamlessly with tap tempo or an external signal.

Designed with three core components, Ambience, Digital Repeater, and Sequencer, the Collision Devices Crushturnal is your gateway to a world of ethereal soundscapes. The Ambience section offers a modified cathedral style shimmer reverb with easy to use controls: Diffusion for adjusting reverb length, Filter for brightness, and FX Level for mixing in the effect. This simplified approach lets you effortlessly craft lush, ambient tones.

The Digital Repeater section houses a versatile delay with intuitive controls for FX Level, Time, and Feedback, perfect for adding depth and dimension to your sound. Unique to the Collision Devices Crushturnal is the Bitcrusher/Sample Reducer, which can subtly or drastically degrade your signal, whether it’s applied to the dry, wet, or mixed signal.

One of the standout features is the advanced Sequencer. This component operates with a clock ranging from 1kHz to 72kHz, controlling the fidelity and resolution of the effects. You can experiment with different step sizes and intervals, and choose from various modes like Up, Down, or Random, all adjustable through the central Clock knob. This opens up endless possibilities for creating rhythmic and textural variations in your music.

Practical and artist friendly, the Collision Devices Crushturnal’s controls are thoughtfully colour coded, making it easy to navigate through its many features. While it retains some elements from its predecessor, the Nocturnal Ambient Multi FX, the Collision Devices Crushturnal has been significantly enhanced with its unique clock sequencer and bitcrusher capabilities.

Rear ports include Sync, EXP/CV In, Input, Output, CV Out, and a 9V DC power connection. These ensure compatibility with various setups and allow for intricate control over the effects.

Designed by Baptiste and Denis from Collision Devices, the Crushturnal is not just another ambient effects unit but a finely tuned instrument that brings your sound into a realm of "Dreamy Twilight Soundscapes." The Collision Devices Crushturnal’s combination of sequenced effects, reverb, delay, and bitcrushing makes it an indispensable tool for any musician looking to explore celestial and cinematic tones.

Explore the Collision Devices Crushturnal and take your music to a new dimension with this powerful, versatile, and inspiring tool.


  • STEP SIZE: Choose from minor, major, and perfect intervals to shape your sequence steps
  • MODE: Select Up, Down, or Random patterns for endless rhythmic possibilities
  • RATE: Adjust your sequence speed from 2 seconds to a rapid 5 milliseconds
  • CLOCK: Set the resolution from 1kHz to 72kHz for pristine or gritty sounds
  • DIFFUSION: Control reverb length and create expansive or tight soundscapes
  • FILTER: Fine tune the brightness of your reverb to match your ambient vision
  • FX LEVEL (AMBIENCE): Blend the reverb effect seamlessly into your dry signal
  • FX LEVEL (REPEATER): Mix the delay effect perfectly with your original sound
  • TIME: Adjust delay intervals to create anything from subtle echoes to long delays
  • FEEDBACK: Control the number of delay repeats for simple echoes or endless loops
  • CRUSH: Apply bitcrushing to the dry, wet, or combined signal for unique textures
  • SAMPLE RATE: Lower the sample rate for lo fi grit or maintain clarity with higher rates
  • AMBIENCE FOOTSWITCH: Instantly engage reverb or hold to silence the dry signal
  • DIGITAL REPEATER FOOTSWITCH: Activate delay or hold to mute the dry input
  • SYNC: Synchronise with external gear for perfectly timed sequences
  • EXP / CV IN: Connect an expression pedal or CV input for real time control
  • INPUT: Plug in your instrument and start exploring new sonic landscapes
  • OUTPUT: Send your transformed signal out to your amplifier or recording setup
  • CV OUT: Control other devices with the sequencer's CV output

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Expertly crafted with premium components for dependable performance and exceptional tonal quality
  • Powered by standard 9V centre negative supply
  • Battery operation not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 219 mA bypass
    • 370 mA maximum

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 118 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 186 mm / 7.3 in
  • Height: 37 mm / 1.5 in


  • 577 g
  • 1.27 lbs

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