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CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 Romeo Red

Telegraph V2 Romeo Red


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  • The ultimate cutting edge killswitch and stutter system
  • Instantly cut sound with precise staccato effects, adding rhythmic dynamics to your playing
  • Intuitive performance comfort with foot and hand operation, tailored to your style
  • Access three distinct modes: Kill, Activate, and automatic Burst for varied sonic expressions
  • Utilise expression pedal (recommended ≤ 10K) and CV speed control via the CTRL jack
  • Choose between latching and momentary actions to match your playing style
  • Tailor Burst mode operation using the polarity switch for added creative control
  • Refined active circuitry delivers new modes and unprecedented sonic capabilities
  • Handmade construction guarantees exceptional build and sound integrity
  • Striking "Telegraph" style all metal enclosure exudes vintage meets modern charm
  • Premium all metal construction enhances durability and ensures a lasting performance companion
  • Diverse colour options including Carolina Copper, Gotham Grey, Sierra Blue, Alpine White, Army Green, and Romeo Red
  • Stay informed with a bi-colour LED knob that displays both speed and operational status
  • True bypass ensures unaltered sound when the pedal is disengaged
  • Easily connect cables with side-mounted jack sockets
  • Access DC input on the side for hassle-free power connectivity
  • Gain peace of mind with our limited lifetime warranty


Meet the CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 Killswitch Pedal! Drawing on the triumph of the beloved Telegraph Stutter pedal, the V2 signifies a comprehensive transformation and enhancement of the renowned killswitch and stutter system. The core essence of the original Telegraph pedal has been preserved while introducing state of the art enhancements. Bid farewell to plastic, the CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 showcases an exclusive all metal build that not only embodies durability but also exudes a touch of elegance.

The key innovation? The CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 empowers users to command the effect with their foot, preserving the seamless manual operation that's cherished. This seamless integration yields an even more remarkable user experience. Yet, that's not the entirety, a brand new Active circuit has been meticulously crafted from scratch. This engenders novel modes and parameters unattainable with the original stutter.

Burst Mode

Alongside the iconic Kill and Activate modes, the introduction of the revolutionary Burst mode is bound to excite! Envision an automated, tremolo like stutter that can be fine tuned from a leisurely 110 beats per minute to a staggering, rapid tempo. Intriguingly, the effect can either be locked with a swift key press or instigate momentary bursts by holding the key. For aficionados of fleeting enchantment, fret not, an internal dip switch effortlessly disables the locking feature.

A Pedal With More Than Style

However, the intrigue doesn't stop there. The "Polarity" toggle on the side elevates the Burst mode to new heights. Opt for "Kill," and your unprocessed signal flows until you press the key, igniting vigorous bursts. Alternatively, opt for "Activate," and audio remains muted until you trigger the key, granting you complete mastery over the burst timing. Furthermore, a thoughtfully engineered built in power loss fail safe guarantees seamless reversion to bypass mode if power is lost. Assurance, embodied.

Limitless Expression Possibilities

Enthusiasts of expressive sound, rejoice! The CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 is a canvas for your creative expression. Manipulate the Burst mode rate externally via an expression pedal (recommended 10K or lower), or synchronise it with a CV gate clock source to harmonise with your tempo, it's even adaptable to your preferred DAW rhythm! And for the tech savvy instrumentalists, morph the CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 into a passive dual tap by linking the IN and/or OUT jacks to a device necessitating a Normally Open (NO) tap source.

In a nutshell, the reimagined CopperSound Pedals Telegraph V2 paves your pathway to unbridled creative liberty, whether you're captivating audiences onstage or refining melodies in the studio. The juncture where sturdy engineering converges with instantaneous ingenuity, the realm of possibilities knows no bounds. Which auditory landscapes shall you traverse with the Telegraph V2 Killswitch Pedal? Your harmonious odyssey embarks from here.


  • CTRL INPUT (BURST MODE): Control KILL/ACTIVATE speed on the fly via an expression pedal and 1/4” TRS, or sync desired tempo via CV and 1/4” instrument cable
  • MODE TOGGLE: Select between KILL, BURST, or ACTIVE modes
  • BURST SPEED: In Burst Mode, the desired speed can be set. Turn clockwise for faster and counter clockwise for slower speeds. The LED corresponds to tempo
  • BURST SLIDE SWITCH: In Burst Mode, choose to activate or kill signal. Left to Activate, right to Kill
  • USING CV Sync KILL/ACTIVATE tempo via CV, slide CTRL switch to left and connect with a 1/4” instrument cable. Dipswitch MUST be engaged to CV before cable is connected
  • USING EXPRESSION Control the KILL/ACTIVATE speed with an expression pedal. Slide CTRL switch to right and connect with a TRS cable. 5K to 10K EXP pedal recommended. Dipswitch MUST be engaged to EXP before cable is connected
  • EXPRESSION SPEEDS: Control the KILL/ACTIVATE speed on the fly using an expression pedal. Sweep the treadle UP for faster speeds, or DOWN for slower speeds. Depending on the expression pedal’s potentiometer, speed and sweep may vary
  • KILL: Manually cut signal. No audio passes through when the key is engaged
  • BURST: Automatically KILL/ACTIVATE signal at desired speed, set and indicated by the speed knob. Tap once for latching and hold for momentary
  • ACTIVE: Manually pass the signal. Audio only passes through when key is engaged

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Premium build ensures durability
  • 9V centre negative power
  • Battery free operation reduces waste and promotes sustainable pedal use
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 33 mA bypass
    • 79 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 120 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 65 mm / 2.5 in
  • Height: 39 mm / 1.5 in


  • 423 g
  • 0.93 lbs

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