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CopperSound Pedals Polaris



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  • An analog chorus and vibrato pedal that delivers detailed modulation with versatile control
  • Vintage warmth with rich analog chorus and vibrato effects
  • Detailed modulation adds sonic depth and dimension
  • Engaging feel inspires expressive playing, bringing out your unique musical voice
  • Independent "Focus" controls enable personalised modulation depth adjustments
  • Secondary footswitch provides on the fly modulation depth changes for added versatility
  • Tone stack and volume knob interaction fine tunes bass response and overall tone
  • Smoothly blend clean signal and modulation with intuitive controls
  • Precise EQ adjustments allow for tailored low and high end tones
  • "Focus II" control offers additional depth customisation for diverse sonic exploration
  • Effortlessly toggle between chorus and vibrant vibrato modes for dynamic shifts
  • Cutting edge BBD technology for velvety modulation
  • Dynamic interplay of circuitry refines bass signal and overall volume
  • Circuit design inspired by iconic EHX Small Clone, embracing vintage warmth
  • Hand crafted with care, ensuring consistent quality and reliability
  • Robust all metal casing ensures durability and longevity
  • Unique fusion of a telescope and north pole igloo graphic represents Polaris, the North Star
  • Left LED indicates power status, while the right LED signifies FOCUS II activation
  • Reliable True Bypass ensures zero interference when the effect is turned off
  • Top mounted jacks and DC input save pedalboard space and reduce cable clutter
  • Your investment is protected with a robust limited lifetime warranty


Inspired by the legendary EHX Small Clone, famously embraced by Kurt Cobain, the CopperSound Pedals Polaris brings you an unparalleled analog chorus and vibrato effect. Crafted with precision, this pedal delivers an array of strikingly detailed modulation tones that will elevate your sound to new heights.

Powered by a cutting edge BBD (Bucket Brigade Device), the CopperSound Pedals Polaris offers a velvety pitch modulation that allows you to explore a wide spectrum of rates. From a slow and lush modulation to a fast and frenetic vibe, the possibilities are limitless.

Take control of your sound with ease using the independent "Focus" controls and the Secondary footswitch. Toggle between two depth levels on the fly, giving you the flexibility to tailor your modulation exactly the way you want it.

The CopperSound Pedals Polaris isn't just about modulation, it's about sculpting your sound. The dynamic interplay between the tone stack and volume knob lets you finely adjust the bass signal passing through the circuit. And if you're aiming to crank up the volume, this pedal goes beyond the norm, pushing your overall volume to levels that truly stand out.

Experience the perfect blend of your pristine clean signal with the modulation section at the output. This creates a beautifully smooth and supple chorus effect, symbolised by the Full Moon on the Mode toggle. If you're craving something more intense, simply switch to Crescent Mode for an all encompassing, trembling vibrato that adds a unique dimension to your music.

Unlock a world of sonic possibilities with the CopperSound Pedals Polaris. Elevate your music, explore modulation in unprecedented ways, and infuse your sound with character and depth. Take the stage with confidence, knowing you have a pedal that's designed to enhance your creativity and musical expression.

Upgrade your sound today with the Polaris, where innovation meets exceptional tone.


  • MODE: Seamlessly switch between Vibrato mode (Left) and Chorus mode (Right). Learn more below
  • VOLUME: Shape your sound's strength, from potent boost to full signal cut
  • TONE: Craft your sound's character by refining low and high end tones, interactively tied to volume
  • ATE: Set modulation speed, clockwise for speed, counter clockwise for a mellow pace
  • FOCUS: Sculpt modulation depth for a personalised touch
  • FOCUS II: On the fly modulation depth adjustment with the right footswitch. Enjoy two independent levels
  • CHORUS V VIBRATO: Elevate with vibrato's pitch shifts or blend pitch shifted vibrato with dry signal using chorusing effect. Tune with Focus and Focus II

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Premium components ensure exceptional sound quality and reliability
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 8 mA bypass
    • 9 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 90 mm / 3.5 in
  • Width: 36 mm / 1.4 in
  • Height: 37 mm / 1.4 in


  • 151 g
  • 0.33 lbs

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