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Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid



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  • Classic unique fuzz tones
  • Fender Blender tones without the fuss
  • Suitable for guitar, bass and other instruments
  • Versatile
  • Low noise
  • Small metal enclosure 
  • Hand build and wired 
  • Gain and Mix controls 
  • Wet and dry signal mix 
  • Arachnid graphic 
  • LED power indicator on and off 
  • True bypass 
  • All analogue
  • Side mounted input and output jacks 


The Arachnid by Dirty Haggard Audio is a finely tuned Fender Blender without all the unnecessary bits.

The Fender Blender tone can be heard on many countless classic rock tunes including the Robin Trower’s solo on the 1974 classic ”Too Rolling Stoned”.  Robin used the Fender Blender for his big bluesy bends during his final screaming solo.

In addition, Robin Trower reportedly used the Fender Blender on the Bridge of Sighs LP and Long Misty Days.

The Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid replicates those fuzz tones with great authenticity.

The original Fender Blender consisted of volume, sustain, tone and blend.  Even with the absence of sustain and tone, the Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid provides both in abundance.

Controls are unfussy with Gain and Mix.  Gain sets the level of fuzz and mix adjusts the wet and dry signal.  At low mix levels, the original guitar signal can be heard with the Arachnid taking back stage.  Turn the mix and gain up and the Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid fizzes, spits and sustains.

Tone from the Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid is tuned nicely and suits humbuckers and single coils.

If you want classic 70’s fuzz tones, the Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid will not disappoint.  It will also sit confidently amongst any pedalboard.

Dirty Haggard Audio effects pedals are fuzz to their core.  This means that even with the Gain at zero, the Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid will still fuzz.  The Gain control is a fine tune to the fuzz tone.  A great feature if you are just looking for the absolute best in fuzz, high gain and low noise.


  • Gain: Adjusts the amount of fuzz
  • Mix: Blends the wet and dry guitar and effected signal

Component Listing and Tech Spec

  • 9v DC centre negative power 
  • Current consumption*
    • 0 mA bypass
    • 2 mA engaged
  • Battery: no

*Current consumption checked with a Truetone mA meter reader

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 111 mm / 4.3 in 
  • Width: 59 mm / 2.3 in 
  • Height: 32 mm / 1.3 in


  • 215 g

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store are proud to be UK dealers for Dirty Haggard Audio.  If we do not have the Dirty Haggard Audio effects pedal required, please message us via the contacts page and we will do our best to get the product that you want at the very best price and service.

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