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Dirty Haggard Audio Deth Pedal

Deth Pedal


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  • Limited edition pedal merging classic distortion, octave up effect, and tailored clean boost with noise reduction
  • Collaboration between boutique industry leaders Dirty Haggard Audio and Blammo Electronics
  • Versatile, rich distortion with octave up, precise control, and noise reduction for premium guitar tones
  • Blend symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping for varied textures
  • More bass and low mid frequencies for a fuller distortion sound
  • FE based clean boost for added punch and volume
  • Smooth potentiometers for seamless tone adjustments
  • Filter control for balancing high frequencies in your tone
  • OP07 opamp, board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers ensure reliability 
  • Internal noise gate with bleeder resistor reduces unwanted hiss and hum, allowing natural decay
  • Teflon coated wiring ensures durable, interference free signal transmission for reliable pedalboard performance
  • Durable all metal enclosure provides robust protection and enhances pedalboard aesthetics
  • Bold demon themed graphics enhance pedal aesthetics with vibrant UV printed durability and exclusivity
  • LED power indicators provide clear status for boost activation and pedal bypass with reliability onstage
  • True bypass preserves guitar tone integrity, ensuring clear signal and reliable performance onstage
  • Top mounted jacks and DC input ensure efficient pedalboard setup with secure, space saving connections


Dirty Haggard and Blammo have collaborated to bring you the exclusive Deth Pedal, a boutique effects pedal inspired by the EQD Life Pedal, but with unique enhancements that set it apart. Designed for those who crave versatility and superior tone, this limited edition stompbox, only 50 units available, offers a powerful blend of distortion and clean boost with innovative controls and pristine sound quality.

At its core, the Deth Pedal features a Rat distortion circuit combined with an analogue octave up effect, much like the classic Life pedal. However, the Dirty Haggard Audio and Blammo Deth Pedal creation goes beyond with a unique blend control, allowing seamless transitions between symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping. This adjustment is controlled by a smooth turning potentiometer, providing precise control over your sound without abrupt volume changes.

Activated via its own footswitch, the FE based clean boost circuit has been meticulously crafted to enhance mid range frequencies, giving your tone an extra punch with increased output volume. Meanwhile, the Rat circuit has been refined to allow more bass and low mid frequencies into the clipping section, delivering a fuller, rounder sound.

One of the standout features of the Deth Pedal is its internal noise gate with a bleeder resistor. This addition significantly reduces unwanted hiss and hum between notes, allowing your tones to decay naturally, a feature that particularly benefits single coil pickups often plagued by noise during high gain distortion.

Crafted with precision, the Dirty Haggard Audio and Blammo Deth Pedal includes dual soft switching and true bypass for seamless operation. Inside, you’ll find an OP07 opamp and board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers, ensuring durability and reliable performance. For your convenience, the Deth Pedal features top mounted jacks, Teflon coated wiring, and striking red LED’s beneath a UV printed graphic.

The Deth Pedal is designed to fit seamlessly into any pedalboard setup, accepting a standard 2.1mm centre negative 9VDC power plug (Boss style) with a current draw of 32mA for a single effect or 58mA when both effects are engaged.

The Dirty Haggard Audio and Blammo Deth Pedal is not just an effects unit; it's a statement of sonic craftsmanship, ideal for guitarists who demand more from their gear. With only 50 units available, it's a rare opportunity to own a piece of boutique pedal artistry that stands out in both sound and style.


  • RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: Engage or bypass the Deth Pedal with a single stomp
  • LEFT FOOTSWITCH: Activate the clean boost for enhanced mid range and volume
  • LEVEL: Adjust the overall output to match your rig's requirements
  • OCTAVE: Blend in the analog octave up effect for unique tonal layers
  • CLIP: Seamlessly switch between symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping for varied distortion textures
  • FILTER: Sculpt your high end frequencies to achieve the perfect tone balance
  • GAIN: Control the intensity of the distortion for anything from subtle grit to full on fuzz
  • VOLUME: Set the master volume level to ensure your sound cuts through the mix

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Expertly crafted with premium components for dependable performance and exceptional tonal quality
  • Powered by standard 9V centre negative supply
  • Battery operation not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 14 mA bypass
    • 73 mA maximum

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 91 mm / 3.6 in
  • Width: 117 mm / 4.6 in
  • Height: 37 mm / 1.4 in


  • 399 g
  • 0.88 lbs

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