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Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion



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  • A versatile fuzz powerhouse, delivering noise free brilliance, fine tuned tonality, and signal purity assurance
  • Explore a broad spectrum of tones suitable for diverse rock and metal styles
  • Creates a wide range of sputtery, voltage starved Velcro type tones
  • Sculpt your tone by effortlessly cutting or boosting bass and treble frequencies
  • Fine tune midrange frequencies to stand out in any musical mix
  • Linear taper potentiometers offer smooth gating, from subtle nuances to powerful sputtering brilliance
  • Eliminate unwanted frequencies with an aggressive low pass filter, ensuring a clean signal
  • Two stage RF rejection filter prevents interference from external radio frequencies
  • Classic mid scooped tones meet the flexibility to flatten or boost midrange frequencies
  • Attenuate highs or lows without compromise, maintaining a well balanced and versatile sound
  • Built by hand with musicians in mind, ensuring a reliable and inspiring tool
  • All metal housing provides stability and confidence, making it a secure addition to your pedalboard
  • Zombie graphic reflects the pedal's metal character
  • LED power indicator provides a clear visual cue, ensuring at a glance confirmation of pedal status
  • Side mounted jack sockets maximise pedalboard real estate, allowing for a compact and organised setup
  • Top mounted DC input ensures easy access for power


The Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion is a powerful fuzz pedal created for guitar and bass enthusiasts seeking exceptional tone. Unleashing a unique design comprising three gain stages, a noise gate, and finely tuned tone controls, this fuzz pedal is your ticket to unparalleled sonic versatility.

The Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion is tailored for guitarists who appreciate the heavier side of music, whether you're into hard rock or metal. The Torsion's tonal flexibility covers every style with ease meaning no genre is off limits, be it on stage or in the studio.

Experience fuzz without the hum, thanks to the low noise circuitry and premium components embedded in all Dirty Haggard Audio fuzz pedals. The Noise Gate control, equipped with linear taper potentiometers, smoothly guides you from zero to a fully gated signal with a distinctive sputtering quality.

Fear not if you choose to disengage the gate; the Torsion's aggressive low pass filter at the power supply input virtually eliminates the 120Hz ripple frequency caused by certain DC adapters.

Say goodbye to unwanted radio frequencies meddling with your signal. The Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion boasts a two stage RF rejection filter at the input stage, ensuring it remains impervious to external radio interference. No need to worry about becoming a radio beacon for nearby stations or other audio gear.

Distinguished from typical fuzz pedals, the Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion allows precise adjustment of midrange frequencies, ensuring your tone always stands out in a band mix. The tone circuitry delivers classic mid scooped tones while offering the flexibility to flatten or boost midrange frequencies.

The Tilt control, active at nine o'clock and above, lets you attenuate highs without sacrificing brightness or selectively cut lows while maintaining a full sound. No compromises here, get all the tones, not just a fraction of them.

Discover the interactivity between Gain and Gate controls, offering a broad spectrum of sputtery, voltage starved Velcro type tones. The Volume control, complete with a built in output buffer boasting a high quality 10K ohm impedance, ensures your signal drives the next pedal or amplifier with optimal force.

At the core of Dirty Haggard Audio effects pedals is an unwavering commitment to fuzz. Even with Gain at zero, the Torsion radiates a distinctive fuzziness, with Gain acting as a fine tuning dial for your ideal fuzz tone. If you crave the absolute best in fuzz, high gain, and low noise, the Dirty Haggard Audio Torsion is your gateway to sonic nirvana.


  • VOLUME: Command your sound with precision using the output control and integrated buffer technology
  • TILT: Shape your tone effortlessly by cutting or boosting bass and treble frequencies
  • MIDS: Customise your midrange frequencies, tailoring your guitar's voice to stand out uniquely
  • GATE: Master your dynamics with ease, adjusting the gating level for a controlled and crisp sound
  • GAIN: Fine tune your fuzz exactly to your liking, ensuring the perfect blend of distortion

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Hand built with top tier materials for enduring quality and consistent performance
  • Experience a hum free fuzz journey with advanced circuitry and noise reducing components
  • Linear taper potentiometers for seamless control, offering a spectrum from gentle gating to sputtering intensity
  • Virtually eliminate 120Hz ripple frequency, ensuring a clean signal even without engaging the gate
  • Two stage filter fends off external radio frequencies, preventing unwanted interference and signal contamination
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 5 mA bypass
    • 6 mA engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 117 mm / 4.6 in
  • Width: 92 mm / 3.6 in
  • Height: 34 mm / 1.3 in


  • 315 g
  • 0.69 lbs

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