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Dophix Galileo



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  • Fully analogue optical tremolo with versatile functions 
  • Natural and warm analogue tremolo sounds 
  • Maintains signal clarity 
  • Modern features 
  • Internal analogue oscillator 
  • All metal enclosure 
  • Hand built and wired in Italy 
  • Wide ranging controls 
  • Tap tempo 
  • Tap speed switch 
  • Speed modulation switch 
  • Stylish graphics 
  • LED power indicator on front 
  • Unique LED that illuminates the pedal at base 
  • True bypass 
  • All analogue 
  • Side mounted jack sockets 


Galileo Galilei was an Italian physicist, astronomer, philosopher, mathematician and academic, considered the father of modern science. 

Dophix were inspired by this great man because they wanted to bring a revolution in the sound dimension.

Dophix Galileo is a fully analogue optical tremolo with versatile features, tap tempo and modulation controls. The heart of Dophix Galileo is an internal analogue oscillator that controls a high quality photodiode producing the optical tremolo.  The activation and de activation of this match let Galileo’s optical tremolo effect to be very natural without distortion of the input signal. 


  • GO Footswitch: Activates the optical tremolo effect and the output signal is modulated by the photodiode and oscillator.  When GO is on, a blue LED lights on as feedback.  When GO footswitch is OFF the input is bypassed, so that the input signal is directly connected with the output jack. 
  • Tap Footswitch: It is possible to set the optical tremolo oscillator period as desired by pressing TAP. Each TAP trigger sets the start/stop of the oscillator period.  A minimum of two tap triggers are required in order to set the desired TAP period.  No upper TAP triggers limits have to be respected. 
    • NOTE: the max oscillator period is 1 second: in case a longer TAP is requested the internal circuit will limit the TAP period to 1 second. 
  • Speed: On manual mode (with SPEED MOD selector on central position) SPEED knob lets you manually set the optical tremolo speed as desired. 
    • NOTE: the maximum optical tremolo speed is 1Hertz (1 second period).  If TAP speed is active, by manually controlling the SPEED knob, the oscillator is immediately controlled in manual mode, with speed set by the SPEED knob. 
  • Depth: Controls the amount of optical tremolo effect added to the input signal.  With DEPTH set to minimum, the input signal has no optical tremolo effect.  With DEPTH set to maximum the optical tremolo effect is full.  When the optical tremolo photodiode is off, no signal will be sent to the output.  In mid positions of DEPTH it is possible to adjust the mix of the input signal with the full optical tremolo modulation
  • Smooth: Sets how strong the analogue oscillator impacts the photodiode conduction, responsible of the optical tremolo effect. 
  • Attack: Set the attack of the optical tremolo compared to the oscillator settings.  ATTACK lets you set when the photodiode will be activated concerning the oscillator signal amplitude. 
  • Sym: The photodiode is turned on/off when the oscillator sinusoidal signal is at the peak/bottom of the amplitude.  SYM sets the relation between the oscillator waveform and the photodiode conduction by modifying the peak/bottom position of the oscillator. 

LED Status 

Dophix Galileo is equipped with a dedicated LED status indication that allows the user to understand the pedal status.  Dophix Galileo comes with two LED’s on top of the footswitches GO and TAP. 

  • GO LED is blue and has two possible states: 
  • OFF: The Dophix Galileo pedal is OFF and the input signal is bypassed to the output 
  • ON: The Dophix Galileo pedal is active and the output signal is modulated by Galileo’s optical tremolo oscillator photodiode 
  • TAP LED has four possible states.  It always blinks at the current oscillator speed, no matter whether the GO footswtich is ON or OFF. This allows you to monitor the oscillator speed, even when the GO footswitch is OFF and Dophix Galileo is in bypass mode.  The TAP LED blinks on the following four LED status: 
  • BLUE: The optical tremolo oscillator is running on MANUAL mode: the oscillator speed has not been set by TAP tempo and the speed has been manually set from SPEED knob (this is the default condition at power on) 
  • RED: The analogue oscillator’s circuit is attaching to the TAP tempo. When a TAP tempo is inserted with the footswitch, the oscillator needs to analogically match the oscillaotor speed to the new TAP speed: during the attach time the LED blinks red. 
  • GREEN: When oscillator speed is perfectly matched to the new TAP speed the TAP LED blinks GREEN.  On this status you can always check the oscillator speed and the TAP status, no matter whetherthe GO footswitch state is OFF or ON. 
  • GREEN + RED: Dophix Galileo is performing a SPEED MODULATION (details described on next “Selectors” section) 


  • TAP SPEED: The TAP speed is defined by pressing the TAP footswitch with the TAP SPEED selector. It has tree positions: 1 x, 2 x and 3 x.  This selector allows the oscillator period that has been selected, with the TAP footswitch, to be modified as follow: 
  • 1 x: the oscillator has a speed identical to the inserted TAP footswitch synch 
  • 2 x: the oscillator has a speed twice the inserted TAP footswitch synch 
  • 3 x: the oscillator has a speed three times the inserted TAP footswitch synch 

Once the TAP period is attached by the oscillator, it is possible to set the TAP speed selector as desired, without a new TAP footswitch speed set.  The oscillator and TAP SELECTOR will always be attached to the last valid TAP speed. 

Example: set the TAP selector to 1 x. With the TAP footswitch set the oscillator to 2 Hertz speed (this means that the TAP footswitch has been pressed at least twice with 500ms interval to each TAP press).  The oscillator will attach to a 2 Herts speed.  By selecting 2 x position of TAP SPEED selector, the oscillator will automatically attach to 4 Herts speed.  By selecting 3 x position the oscillator will attach to a 6 Hertz speed.  It is possible to set the TAP speed with the TAP selector on either 1 x, 2 x or 3 x position.  The oscillator will automatically set the optical tremolo speed multiplying the TAP speed by the TAP selector choice. 

  • SPEED MOD: controls the speed modulation of the Dophix Galileo optical tremolo.  When a speed tremolo has been set, this control allows automatic modification of the optical tremolo speed. SPEED MODULATION selector has tree positions: 
  • Central: no speed modulation is performed. The Dophix Galileo optical tremolo speed will be set by both TAP or manually with SPEED knob. The user has full control on the speed set. 
  • Left: is the SHIFT speed modulation.  By setting the SPEED MOD on the SHIFT position the speed of the oscillator will automatically start to be shifted to twice and back to original speed.  When SHIFT speed modulation is on, the SPEED knob sets how many repetitions will decide the speed shift.  With SPEED knob set to minimum, after each repetition of the oscillator, the speed will be duplicated and set back to original SPEED.  With SPEED knob set to maximum, the speed shift will be performed after 8 repetitions.  On mid positions of SPEED the shift repetitions will be linearly set on the range of 1 to 8 repetitions (on mid position the repetitions will be 4) 
  • Right: is the UP DOWN speed modulation.  The speed will be increased and decremented following a sine wave.  On this SPEED MOD selection, the SPEED knob sets how fast the UP DOWN modulation is going to modify the tremolo SPEED.
    • NOTE: during manual or TAP speed configuration always keep SPEED MOD selector to central position. Only activate SPEED MOD when TAP is attached (TAP LED blinking GREEN). 

Component Listing and Tech Spec 

  • High quality components throughout 
  • 9V centre negative power 
  • Current consumption* 
  • 48 mA bypass 
  • 51 mA engaged 
  • Battery: yes 

*Current consumption checked with a Truetone mA meter reader 

Enclosure Dimensions 

  • Depth: 91 mm / 3.6 in  
  • Width: 117 mm / 4.6 in  
  • Height : 40 mm / 1.5 in 


  • 440 g 

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