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Dophix Leonardo



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  • Clean signal with analogue compression 
  • Maintains signal clarity 
  • Simple and effective 
  • Level and sensitivity controls 
  • Stylish graphics 
  • LED power indicator on front 
  • Unique LED that illuminates the pedal at base 
  • True bypass 
  • All analogue 
  • Side mounted jack sockets 



Da Vinci has fully embodied the spirit of the Renaissance.  He was a painter, a draftsman, a sculptor, an architect and an engineer.  It is like having enclosed in one single figure all the human knowledge.

Not by chance that the heart of Dophix Leonardo is inspired by the works of Da Vinci. Dophix Leonardo is a beautifully simple compressor that is extremely sensitive and will be an essential addition to your pedalboard

With the Sensitivity control of Dophix Leonardo allows you to choose the best dynamic compression range.  The Level control adjusts the optimal output level. 

Dophix Leonardo is extremely versatile and can be used as a clean boost, articulate rhythm playing and sustaining lead solos

Vintage component research with: integrated circuit and transistors of the series belonging to the production of the ‘70s stock. 


  • LEVEL: Adjusts output signal 
  • SENSITIVITY: Amount of compression being applied 

Component Listing and Tech Spec 

  • High quality components throughout 
  • 9V centre negative power 
  • Current consumption* 
    • 22 mA bypass 
    • 23 mA engaged 
  • Battery: yes 

*Current consumption checked with a Truetone mA meter reader 

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 120 mm / 4.7 in  
  • Width: 65 mm / 2.5 in  
  • Height : 41 mm / 1.6 in 


  • 273 g 

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store are proud to be UK dealers for Dophix effects pedals.  If we do not have the Dophix effects pedal required, please message us via the contacts page and we will do our best to get the product that you want at the very best price and service. 

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