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Dophix Uomo Vitruviano

Uomo Vitruviano


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  • Unique Chorus and Phaser with analogue modulation mixer
  • Balanced analogue signal path
  • Vintage components
  • Simple and effective 
  • Speed and depth controls 
  • Stylish graphics 
  • LED power indicator on front 
  • Unique LED that illuminates the pedal at base 
  • True bypass 
  • All analogue 
  • Side mounted jack sockets 


Famous representation of the ideal proportions of the human body.  The man of Vitruvius demonstrates how the body can be harmoniously inscribed in the two “perfect” figures of the circle, which represents heaven and divine perfection, and of the square, which symbolizes the earth. This is the Dophix Uomo Vitruviano that concludes and completes the da Vinci sound experience.  Dophix Uomo Vitruviano Chorus and Phaser sound has been associated with Leonardo's famous drawing for the roundness and perfection, which make it unique. 

Dophix Uomo Vitruviano has two controls - Right “Speed” and Left “Depth”.  Chorus and Phaser with analogue modulation mixer. 

Using a delay chain, it adds a phase change to the Dophix Uomo Vitruviano signal without changing the input harmonics. 

The two controls "Speed" and "Depth": Speed: affects the speed of the modulation.  Depth: modulates the amplitude of the oscillation

Research of the vintage component with: integrated and transistors of the series belonging to the production batches of the 70s. 


  • SPEED: Affects the speed of the modulation 
  • DEPTH: Modulates the amplitude of the oscillation 

Component Listing and Tech Spec 

  • High quality components throughout 
  • 9V centre negative power 
  • Current consumption* 
    • 32 mA bypass 
    • 33 mA engaged 
  • Battery: yes 

*Current consumption checked with a Truetone mA meter reader 

Enclosure Dimensions 

  • Length: 119 mm / 4.7 in  
  • Width: 65 mm / 2.5 in  
  • Height : 41 mm / 1.6 in 


  • 279 g 

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