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Electro-Faustus Death Whistle

Death Whistle


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  • A unique sonic device, capturing and manipulating sounds for personalised, creative expressions
  • A creative collaboration between Electro-Faustus and Fuzzrocious Pedals
  • Combine with effects pedals and other noise devices for limitless creativity
  • Internal electret microphone captures voice, taps, thumps, and percussive beats
  • Adjust the number of echoes, interactively shaping your sound
  • Modify the time between repeats for precise and customised echoes
  • Activate momentary chaos for unpredictable oscillation and added feedback
  • 3D printed whistle for voice and audio
  • Power indicator light adds a practical touch to keep you in control of your sound
  • Manufacturer's lifetime guarantee for the product's duration, subject to specified conditions and limitations


Enter the realm of sonic exploration with the Electrocious Death Whistle, a collaborative creation with Fuzzrocious Pedals and Electro-Faustus. Inspired by ancient Aztec hand carved whistles used in battles, rituals, and celebrations, the Death Whistle offers a canvas for creating a personalised symphony of sounds.

The internal electret microphone captures your voice, taps, thumps, and percussive beats, embracing the uniqueness of your sound. It also accommodates a specially designed 3D printed whistle for added versatility.

With an internal lo fi delay circuit, the Death Whistle provides the tools for manipulating your sound. Drawing inspiration from Electro-Faustus' Strangulator vocal effect and Fuzzrocious Anomalies delay, it introduces a new dimension. The Repeats pot and momentary Chaos switch create chaotic oscillation, while the two Time pots allow you to warp the fabric of time within your sound.

Top mounted controls include an illuminated power switch for easy operation, a Chaos momentary switch for oscillation/feedback, and a Time momentary switch for time warping. Repeats and two Time pots enable fine tuning, ensuring your sonic landscape is uniquely yours.

Integrated internal trim pots for output volume and delay/miced signal control allow for personalised adjustments. Connectivity is simplified with the bottom mounted output jack.

Powered by a 9V DC battery, the Death Whistle provides the freedom to explore your musical ideas wherever inspiration strikes. Special thanks to DDX Designs for the meticulously crafted 3D printed death whistle.

Embark on a unique sonic journey with the Electrocious Death Whistle, a tool for self expression and exploration in the world of sound.


  • REPEATS: Controls the number of repetitions and interacts dynamically with the two Time controls
  • TIME 1: Modify the space/time between each repeat of Time 1
  • TIME 2: Refine echoes by adjusting space/time between each repeat of Time 2
  • CHAOS: Activate a momentary switch for oscillation and feedback
  • POWER: An illuminated power switch for clear operation
  • WARP: Momentary switch for creative time manipulation

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Internal Electret microphone captures voice, taps, thumps, and percussive sounds
  • 3D Printed Whistle specially designed for unique audio expressions
  • Power Source: 9V DC Battery

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 120 mm / 4.7 in
  • Width: 65 mm / 2.5 in
  • Height: 40 mm / 1.5 in


  • 270 g
  • 0.60 lbs

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