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FFX Pedals All You Can Boost

All You Can Boost


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  • Transparent clean boost through to overdrive 
  • Band cutting mids 
  • All metal enclosure 
  • Boutique guitar effect, hand built and wired 
  • Two independent and interactive boosts
  • Switchable EQ 
  • High Pass Filter 
  • Active three band EQ 
  • Mid control with additional 12dB of volume 
  • Total of 30dB of signal boost 
  • LED power indicator on and off 
  • True bypass 
  • All analogue
  • Space saving top mounted jack sockets 
  • Two year manufacturer’s warranty


The FFX Pedals All You Can Boost is one of the most versatile boost pedals on the market.  With two interactive boosts, switchable EQ and a High Pass Filter, the ‘All You Can Boost’ is ‘All That You Need’ in a boost and overdrive pedal.

The three band active EQ adjusts frequencies perfectly to sculpt your tone and notch out those unwanted frequencies.  The mid control gives an additional 12dB of volume for guitar solo’s.  This makes the FFX Pedals All You Can Boost the ideal tone box for a dedicated solo boost.  The EQ can be activated or deactivated with the left footswitch giving complete control of your tone.

If high gain or dropped tuning is your thing, the High Pass Filter will tighten up the low end to keep the chugs crisp and clean.

The two boost controls are where it is all at.  The FFX Pedals All You Can Boost features two independent boost circuits that interact with each other, giving a combined signal increase of more than 30dB with both controls at full.

B1 and B2 are interactive and provide an endless number of tonal options.  Turn B1 to maximum and use B2 as a master volume, to achieve an overdriven tone with slight compression.  Keep B2 below noon for a clean boost with more headroom.

B2 controls the level of the second boost circuit.  Turn B2 to maximum and B1 below noon for a clean boost.  Turning B1 will add more distortion and saturation.

Tonally, B1 is crisp and clean whilst B2 is fuller and ideal for fattening up single coils.

From clean boost, pushed clean, overdrive to full on distortion, the tonal possibilities are endless.

Frank Fleckenstein of FFX Pedals only uses quality components in all his builds and the All You Can Boost boasts Lumberg DC and audio jacks, Alpha switches and potentiometers, low noise op amps and selected transistors and increased board voltage for maximum headroom.

Henning Pauly

I am mind blowingly blown away what Frank has created here.  I might say, already, that it's a must have pedal.  Because, from the stonery blown-up-edness, to very articulated leads that just sing.

WOW! No, seriously, wow!  My honest opinion, get the All You Can Boost.  Everyone should have one.  Even if you don't play guitar, get it.  It's f***ing ridiculous!  Blues, YES.  Stoner rock, YES.  You play metal,  f*** YES!  You wanna do leads?  HELL YEAH!


  • High: Boosts or cuts high frequencies
  • Mid: Slightly reduces or boosts mid frequencies whilst providing an additional 12dB of volume
  • Bass: Boosts or cuts low frequencies
  • HPF: Filters out low frequencies
  • B1: Controls the level of first boost circuit
  • B2: Controls the level of second boost circuit
  • Right footswitch: On and off
  • Left footswitch: Activate and deactivate EQ

Component Listing and Tech Spec

  • Lumberg DC and audio jacks 
  • Alpha switches and potentiometers 
  • Low noise op amps and selected transistors 
  • Increased board voltage for maximum headroom 
  • 36mA current consumption 
  • 9v DC centre negative power 
  • Battery: no 
  • Suitable for bass

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 120 mm / 4.7 in 
  • Width: 65 mm / 2.5 in 
  • Height: 39 mm / 1.5 in


  • 309 g

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