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CopperSound Pedals Foxcatcher Fusion Series Black Rainbow

Foxcatcher Fusion Series Black Rainbow


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  • A versatile overdrive pedal blending innovation and tradition for captivating, personalised tones
  • Experience a fresh twist on the original award winning Foxcatcher
  • Craft your tone with precision, from warm lows to sparkling highs
  • Fine tune saturation and clipping for a personalised, responsive overdrive character
  • Enjoy an organic, responsive connection between your playing and the pedal's output
  • Refine your sound's character with responsive control over lows and highs
  • Dial in your preferred saturation level, from subtle grit to intense drive
  • Toggle between MOSFET and Germanium clipping for distinct overdrive textures
  • Adjust output from a subtle cut to a robust boost effortlessly
  • Reimagined circuit swaps clipping diodes for unique MOSFET and Germanium options
  • Four MOSFET transistors deliver aggressive drive, while Germanium offers smooth compression
  • Hand built pedal showcasing meticulous attention to detail and quality
  • Premium components carefully selected to enhance durability and sound performance
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • LED power indicator provides clear visibility of pedal's operational status
  • Switching to true bypass ensures no interference when the pedal is off
  • Top mounted jacks and DC input save pedalboard space, optimising layout efficiency
  • Enjoy lasting assurance with a limited lifetime warranty


Introducing the latest addition to the CopperSound Pedals family, the Foxcatcher from the innovative Fusion Series!

Built upon the foundation of the original award winning overdrive, the Foxcatcher brings a fresh twist to a beloved classic. CopperSound Pedals reimagined the circuit by completely removing the original clipping diodes and replacing them with two distinct clipping devices that you can easily switch between.

In the silicon position (SI), CopperSound Pedals harnessed the power of four MOSFET transistors, engineered to function as clipping diodes, delivering a more aggressive and dynamic sound profile. On the other hand, the germanium position (GE) showcases four specially sourced Ukrainian made germanium diodes, offering a beautifully compressed and velvety smooth timbre that's sure to captivate.

But that's not all, the Fusion Series Foxcatcher boasts an expanded tone sweep and a generous boost in volume output, giving you even more control over your sound. The CopperSound Pedals Foxcatcher Fusion Series is not just about versatility, but also about expanding your creative potential.

With the Fusion Series, CopperSound Pedals pushed boundaries and explored uncharted sonic territories while keeping true to the CopperSound design ethos that you know and love. This pedal embodies the spirit of experimentation, blending the familiar with the unexplored in ways that inspire and invigorate.

Reimagine the possibilities and infuse a fresh perspective into your favourite pedals. Discover the new standard of sonic exploration with the CopperSound Fusion Series Foxcatcher.


  • FOOTSWITCH: Toggle between active and bypass modes
  • VOLUME: Craft your sound's volume, from subtle to soaring, with a dynamic output range
  • DRIVE: Shape your tone's character, control gain, clipping, and saturation to match your style
  • TONE: Tailor your sound's texture by precisely sculpting lows and highs for your ideal mix

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Freedom to choose between 9V or 18V centre negative power, tailoring your setup to your preferences
  • 18V option, offering expanded headroom and exceptional clarity
  • Distinctive tonal qualities of four carefully selected Ukrainian made germanium diodes, adding character to your music
  • Four meticulously chosen MOSFET transistors for versatile gain manipulation
  • Handpicked germanium diodes from Ukraine, known for their unique sonic signature
  • Battery free operation reduces waste and promotes sustainable pedal use
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 8 mA bypass
    • 12 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 116 mm / 4.6 in
  • Width: 92 mm / 3.6 in
  • Height: 39 mm / 1.5 in


  • 355 g
  • 0.78 lbs

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