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JAM Pedals Wahcko



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  • One of the most vocal and expressive wah wah tones 
  • Versatile and responsive 
  • RED Fasel inductor for lush harmonic sparkle and an extremely clean signal 
  • Bufferless proprietary circuit for impedence sensitive pedals, e.g. germanium fuzz 
  • Carbon comp resistors 
  • Internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain 
  • All metal enclosure 
  • Hand built, wired and painted 
  • Six position rotary dial 
  • Hand painted artwork 
  • Unique mini LED at toe to indicate power on and off 
  • True bypass 
  • Side mounted jack sockets 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


After years of appearing as a mainstay on many pros’ boards and earning its fair share of praise and awards, the JAM Pedals Wahcko has established itself as the most vocal, expressive and at the same time versatile wah pedal out there. 

The JAM Pedals Wahcko features a bufferless proprietary circuit design that allows for impedance sensitive effects pedals, like germanium fuzz boxes to be placed after the JAM Pedals Wahcko with no issues!

Useful Tip 

Use your JAM Pedals Wahcko as a tone shaping tool.  Turn the Wahcko on, leave it at the toe down position, and experiment with the six different settings of the rotary switch. The JAM Pedals Wahcko offers many interesting tones for your lead or rhythm overdriven parts. 

JAM Pedals Seagull: To properly operate the Seagull effect, make sure your guitar has passive pickups. 

  • Engage the effect with the toggle switch 
  • Turn your guitar’s volume knob all the way up 
  • Change the effect’s pitch by manipulating your guitar’s tone pot 





Artists Using The JAM Pedals Wahcko 

Bill Frisell, John Scofield, Nile Rodgers, Richie Sambora, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Jonny Lang, Cesar Rosas, Dweezil Zappa, Greg Koch, Bernie Marsden, Julien KasperKirk Fletcher, John MedeskiSean Ono Lennon, Alex Skolnick and Oz Noy 

Artist Quotes 

"I’m a mad user of JAM Pedals! I probably have more Wahckos than anybody in the world!  The reason I use Wahckos is because of expression.  The moment I played a Wahcko, the type of expression was undeniable.  It was so human like in a way that it just touched my soul." Nile Rodgers

“I love the sweep of the Wahcko, very vocal like and sweet!  What a fantastic wah!” Steve Lukather

“The Wahcko is fantastic! Now I finally have a great wah wah pedal!” Bill Frisell 

"JAM Pedals make the best wah pedal of all time as far as I’m concerned.  It has more dexterity than anything else.  Best wah-wah I’ve ever had and I’ve had a bunch of them!" Richie Sambora

"The JAM Pedals Wahcko is amazing.  Ive never actually owned a wah before because I always found them a bit underwhelming but this is very grimey and musical!" Ruban Nielson

“I absolutely love it!  Beautiful job!  Every setting on the switch sounds great and the vocal sweep is perfect.  Finally, finally, after all of these years a wah I will actually use and not want to sell or destroy!” Julien Kasper

“The Wahcko exhibits a rugged, broken in maturity.  It sounds like a sweet old wah with lots of miles on it and provides superb tone sculpting choices for clean and distorted amps!”  Vintage Guitar magazine

“One of the best of its breed”  GUITARIST magazine

"Love the smooth action of the JAM Pedals wah pedal and how you can change its voice to accentuate your guitar’s natural tone." Sean Ono Lennon

JAM Pedals Wahcko Feature With Philip Czarnecki

FX Pedal Planet Online Store caught up with demo artist, Philip Czarnecki, a professionally trained guitarist, who created a demo of the JAM Pedals Wahcko.  To hear Philip's thoughts on the JAM Pedals Wahcko, please click SHOW ME MORE.

Click Here To View JAM Pedals Wahcko Product Manual


  • Treadle: Controls bass and treble adjustment 
  • Six Position Rotary Knob: Different frequency sweep range 

Component Listing and Tech Spec 

  • High quality components throughout 
  • RED Fasel inductor 
  • Carbon comp resistors 
  • Internal trimmer for adjusting the input gain 
  • Current consumption
    • 4 mA bypass
    • 30 mA engaged
  • Battery: no

Enclosure Dimensions 

  • Length: 257 mm / 10.11 in 
  • Width: 125 mm / 4.92 in
  • Height: 70 mm / 2.76 in 


  • 1010 g 

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