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LPD Pedals Seventy 4

Seventy 4


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  • Plexi inspired overdrive pedal hand crafted to deliver authentic 70s modded British amp tones with exceptional build quality and unique, dynamic sound
  • Provides the tactile feedback and tone of a classic amp, enhancing your playing experience
  • Emulates the natural compression, tactile feedback, and "sag" of a cranked valve amp, enriching your playing experience
  • Intuitive controls and precise EQ adjustments replicate classic amp responses for dynamic, tailored sound shaping
  • Dynamic gain control from subtle warmth to powerful, modded Plexi like distortion
  • Mimics the midrange control of classic British amps for classic rock tones
  • FET clipping technology provides organic compression and smooth, responsive clipping
  • TL062 opamps offers low current consumption with warm, vintage style distortion
  • Featuring a cast aluminium enclosure for rugged protection and sleek, professional aesthetics
  • Hand built with premium components, unique finishes, and signed by Lawrence Petross for guaranteed quality
  • Robust cast aluminium enclosure offering durability and sleek protection
  • Distinctive autumn black finish with sleek, custom graphics for a premium, eye catching aesthetic
  • LED power indicator for easy visual of pedal status
  • Space saving top mounted jack sockets and DC input for convenient cable management
  • Supplied with manufacturers one year warranty


Introducing the Seventy 4 overdrive pedal by LPD Pedals (Lawrence Petross Design), a true tribute to the iconic 70s British amps. This handcrafted, all analogue overdrive pedal is designed for guitarists seeking authentic vintage tone combined with modern reliability.

The LPD Pedals Seventy 4 captures the essence of the era's metal face Plexis and the first master volume British amplifiers. Turning the gain past 12 o’clock transforms your sound into modded Plexi tones, rich with harmonic content and endless sustain, echoing the behaviour of a cranked valve amp. From gritty overdrive to a roaring, saturated lead, the LPD Pedals Seventy 4 offers a full spectrum of tonal possibilities.

One of the standout features of the LPD Pedals Seventy 4 is its responsive tone stack. The high, mid, and low EQ controls allow you to shape your sound precisely, mirroring the functionality of the original amps. The mid control is particularly impactful, offering significant tone sculpting capability. Unlike typical overdrive pedals, the LPD Pedals Seventy 4 provides a unique voice with high frequency bite and compression reminiscent of a British Plexi amps pushed to their limits.

Central to the Seventy 4's sound are the TL062 op amps, selected for their low current consumption and characteristic clipping. These op amps introduce a slower slew rate, delivering a smooth and "smooshy" feel when driven hard.

The Seventy 4 pedal is built to last, housed in a rugged cast aluminium enclosure. Its distinctive Autumn Black powder coating, exclusive to LPD Pedals, not only ensures durability but also adds a unique visual flair. This attention to detail reflects Lawrence Petross's commitment to quality and excellence. The custom aluminium knobs, also unique to LPD Pedals, are designed for ergonomic control, making adjustments easy and intuitive during play.

The LPD Pedals Seventy 4 stands out with its advanced switching technology. Featuring Carling style switches, renowned for their low bounce and exceptional durability, this pedal guarantees smooth and reliable operation every time. These switches are built to last, making them ideal for both studio and stage environments. Lawrence Petross personally codes the switching system to ensure seamless performance and flawless integration. His meticulous approach to design is evident here. One notable feature is the “last state memory,” which remembers your settings and automatically restores them upon power up, allowing you to maintain your creative flow without interruption.

Every LPD Pedal, including the Seventy 4, reflects Lawrence Petross’s deep expertise in amplifier circuits. His extensive experience building custom tube amps and analysing almost every tube amp circuit released, allows him to recreate the amp's architecture within a 9-24 volt system, ensuring the signal processing captures the classic amp essence. This meticulous attention to the signal, power supply, and circuit interactions results in pedals that deliver the same dynamic response and tonal character as their valve amp counterparts.

In summary, the LPD Pedals Seventy 4 is more than just an overdrive pedal; it’s a blend of Lawrence Petross’s technical knowledge and passion for vintage tone.

Each circuit is carefully crafted to deliver rich harmonics, natural compression, and the tactile feedback of a vintage amp. This dedication ensures that every LPD Pedal provides a truly satisfying and responsive playing experience.

Each LPD Pedals Seventy 4 overdrive pedal is crafted with precision and care, featuring hand selected Alpha potentiometers for exceptionally smooth and responsive control. The Seventy 4 also includes true relay copper bypass, ensuring your signal remains pure and unaltered when the pedal is off. For those who appreciate the finer technical details, this premium bypass system uses high quality copper components to minimise resistance and maintain top notch signal clarity and durability. Lawrence Petross’s dedication to excellence shines through in every pedal, each one hand signed and constructed to exacting standards.

Join the ranks of industry guitarists like Phillip McKnight, R.J. Ronquillo, and Keven Eknes who are raving about the LPD Pedals Seventy 4. This pedal isn’t just about superior sound; it’s about delivering the feel and responsiveness of a classic amp in a compact, modern format. Experience the tone and vibe of the 70s with the LPD Pedals Seventy 4.


  • LEVEL: Adjusts your overall volume for seamless integration with any rig or setup
  • PRESENCE: Enhances clarity and sharpness, adding sparkle and definition to your tone
  • GAIN: Delivers everything from warm overdrive to intense, modded Plexi like distortion
  • HIGH: Shapes your treble, perfect for brightening or smoothing your sound’s high end
  • MID: Sculpt your midrange tones for a punchy, well defined sound with significant impact
  • LOW: Controls the bass frequencies, adding depth and weight for a rich, full bodied tone

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Built with premium components for exceptional durability and dependable performance
  • Utilises TL062 opamps for low current, creating smooth, warm clipping with a vintage feel
  • Features premium Alpha style potentiometers for precise control and a smooth, responsive feel
  • True relay copper bypass ensures pure signal integrity when the pedal is off, preserving your tone
  • Bespoke aluminium knobs for easy adjustments and a sleek, modern look
  • Delivers organic, amp like compression and dynamics through high quality FET clipping
  • Finished with a distinctive powder coating process to LPD’s exacting specifications
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 5 mA bypass
    • 7 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 111 mm / 4.4 in
  • Width: 60 mm / 2.3 in
  • Height : 32 mm / 1.2 in


  • 260 g
  • 0.57 lbs

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