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Lunastone Pedals Smooth Drive 1

Smooth Drive 1


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FREE Lunastone Pedals Boost 18   

For a limited time only, FX Pedal Planet Online Store and Lunastone Pedals are offering the Lunastone Pedals Boost 18 FREE with every Lunastone Pedals purchased from 

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  • TrueOverDrive with a super smooth and gentle touch
  • Crunchy, crispy and elegant through and through
  • Sounds and behaves like a tube amp
  • Ideal for blues, rock and jazz
  • Stacks well with other overdrive pedals
  • All metal enclosure
  • Volume, Tone and Drive
  • Diagonal knobs for adjustment on the fly
  • High quality finish and colour
  • All metal enclosure
  • Small footprint
  • Unique and stylish large LED to indicate power on and off
  • True bypass soft switching
  • All analogue
  • Side mounted jacks
  • Manufacturers two year warranty 


The Smooth Drive 1 by Lunastone Pedals is one silky and smooth overdrive pedal that will give you just a little edge.  But, make no mistake, a little edge this tasteful can go a very long way and will often make all the difference!

Think BB King, Larry Carlton and 335 Gibson guitars.  Even Jazz players will love the delicious crunch of this drive gem.

Compared to Lunastone Pedals TrueOverDrive 1, this is a notch down the drive ladder.

Quite simply, Lunastone made this one for those of you out there who have wished for an even more gentle and subtle drive pedal than TrueOverDrive 1, but without sacrificing the core tone of TrueOverDrive.

Smooth Tooth

The Smooth Drive 1 is smooth and gentle, but make no mistake, it can bite too.  Dial in a healthy dose of drive and you can easily use Smooth Drive 1 for blues and rock, as well as jazz styles.

Finally, you also get a small footprint pedal with a beautiful Scandinavian design that just oozes stylish minimalism and one that serves a particular purpose.

Foot On Overdrive

Just like the TrueOverDrive 1 and TrueOverDrive 2 effects pedals, the knobs on Smooth Drive 1 are not only placed diagonally because it looks killer, but it is also because we know that sometimes a quick tweak is needed mid song.

With the Volume and Drive knobs accessible by the edges, you can tweak them on the fly with your foot.  No more kneeling down, letting go of the strings, abandoning the groove and losing the momentum.  Just tweak on the go and keep doing what you are supposed to do. PLAY!


  • Volume: Adjusts the output signal
  • Tone: Frequency adjustment 
  • Drive: Adjusts saturation and clipping level

Component Listing and Tech Spec

  • Neutrik Jack Connectors. 
  • True bypass soft switching
  • Battery type: 9V 
  • Adaptor type (not included): Standard 9V DC (center negative)

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 113 mm / 4.4 in 
  • Width: 64 mm / 2.5 in 
  • Height: 33 mm / 1.3 in 


  • 268 g

Lunastone Pedals Boost 18 

The Lunastone Pedals Boost 18 is a high quality clean boost pedal, definitely not just a neutral active volume pedalLunastone Pedals founder and Head Engineer, Steen Grøntved, has deliberately tweaked it to add flavor to your guitar tone, and as a result, Lunastone Pedals have seen many players who actually use the Boost 18 as an always on preamp pedal, simply because they love the natural tube like sound of it.  Now you can continue to do so with Lunastone Pedals Boost 18, but also get an additional kick upwards when using it for boosting. 

Whether you want to push your tube amp into natural overdrive, or just need to lift your solos above the band, the Lunastone Pedals Boost 18 always delivers that truly sought after clean goodness! 

Where other boost pedals just make you louder, the Lunastone Pedals Boost 18 takes a more refined approach to boosting by enhancing and focusing the tonal spectrum right where your guitar lives.  Turn it on and instantly hear your tone stand out with renewed clarity, definition and punch as if you were pushing the tubes of a high headroom amp, making it perfect for beefing up clean rhythm parts or making melody lines stand out. 

But hey, if you just want to use it as an always on tone enhancer we definitely won’t blame you! 

Drive Your Drive Pedals Even Harder 

However, if you want to get dirty though (and we know you do!) the Lunastone Boost 18 is the obvious choice for taking your tone from driven to blissfully wild.  Crank it and slam it in front of your favorite overdrive pedals, or feed it straight into your already overdriven amp and get ready to hit the crowd with everything plus the kitchen sink.  From crunchy blues rhythms to hard hitting power chords and sizzling solos, Boost 18 will give you exactly what you bargained for. 

Now add True Bypass switching to the mix, so your core tone never gets corrupted, and you’ve stepped onto your new favorite sonic tool and secret gem. 

Boost 18 Component Listing and Tech Specs  

  • High quality components  
  • 9V centre negative power  
  • Current consumption*  
    • >9 mA bypass  
    • >17 mA engaged  
  • Battery: no 

*Current consumption checked with a Truetone mA meter reader  

Boost 18 Enclosure Dimensions 

  • Length: 92 mm / 3.6 in 
  • Width: 37 mm / 1.4 in 
  • Height : 31 mm / 1.2 in 

Boost 18 Weight  

  • 139 g 

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store are proud to be UK dealers for Lunastone Pedals.  If we do not have the Lunastone Pedals effects pedal required, please message us via the contacts page and we will do our best to get the product in that you want at the very best price and service.

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