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OKKO FX Cocaine



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  • Transparent, natural sounding and exceptionally quiet optical compressor
  • Ideal “always on” pedal
  • Improves your tone
  • Dual clean boost
  • Suitable for guitar, bass, piezo equipped acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments
  • Entirely independent boost circuit
  • 15dB of full range boost
  • Dual purpose and unique boost control
  • Internal voltage doubler for increased headroom and superior dynamic performance
  • All metal enclosure
  • Hand built, wired and soldered
  • Controls for Boost, Sustain, Squash, Volume, Bass and Treble
  • LED power indicators for boost and bypass
  • True bypass
  • Side mounted jack sockets


The OKKO FX Cocaine features the same optical compressor circuit as its little two knob brother, the much beloved OKKO FX Coca Compressor, but offers a lot more controls and tone shaping features.
The compression is controlled by two knobs and offers a level of compression that is extremely playable and dynamic.

The OKKO FX Cocaine is a transparent, natural sounding and exceptionally quiet optical compressor that also serves as a preamp, active equaliser and dual clean boost.  Whatever you plug into the OKKO FX Cocaine, e.g. electrical guitar, bass, piezo equipped acoustic guitar, or any other stringed instrument, the OKKO FX Cocaine will provide more balance, sit better in the mix and generally just...better. You’ll probably get addicted soon, hence the name.
The BOOST knob controls an entirely independent circuit, activated by its own footswitch, just like another pedal in the same box.  The OKKO FX Cocaine BOOST circuit is located after the compressor in the signal chain.  This allows you to set the compression level and EQ for your base tone and hit the boost switch for solos (or the other vice versa).  The BOOST knob is something special. It has a neutral setting at 12 o’clock.  Turn it to the right for a full range clean boost or to the left for a lead boost with tighter bass and pronounced mids.

Like most of OKKO FX pedals, the Cocaine features an internal voltage doubler for increased headroom and superior dynamic performance.


  • BOOST FOOTSWITCH: Activates the boost section, indicated by the blue light. The BOOST circuit is located after the compressor in the signal chain.
  • BOOST: This knob controls a specially designed circuit that provides 15dB of full range (linear) when turned to the right and a mid boost when turned to the left.  12 o’clock is the neutral setting (unity gain).  In this setting, the booster works as a linear signal buffer
  • SUSTAIN: This control is called ‘SING’ on the OKKO FX Cocaine’s little brother, the OKKO FX CocaComp. The SUSTAIN control makes your instrument sing by amplifying quieter notes and subtleties whilst adding clean sustain
  • SQUASH: This controls the intensity of the typical compression effects like the squished attack.  The effect of this control can be more or less dramatic depending on the instrument and amp settings
  • VOLUME: Adjusts the volume and boost level of the compressor. Unity gain is approximately 12 o’clock
  • BASS AND TREBLE: These are two active tone controls.  Turn to the left to cut/reduce or to the right to boost/increase bass and treble frequencies.  Use the EQ to fine tune certain frequencies after compression or just to sculpt your tone
  • BYPASS ON AND OFF: Activates the compression section, indicated by the white light. True bypass

Component Listing and Tech Spec

  • High quality components throughout
  • 9V centre negative power
  • Current consumption*
    • 33 mA bypass
    • 34 mA maximum engaged
  • Battery: no

*Current consumption checked with a Truetone mA meter reader

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 117 mm / 4.6 in
  • Width: 92 mm / 3.6 in
  • Height : 38 mm / 1.5 in


  • 404 g

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