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OKKO FX Diablo 20 Limited Edition

Diablo 20 Limited Edition


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  • A limited edition 20th anniversary collector's piece, embodying innovative design, premium components, and dynamic tonal control
  • Only 50 units of the OKKO FX Diablo 20 exist, each uniquely crafted
  • Experience a spectrum from subtle grit to rich saturation for versatile playing styles
  • Crystal clear tones that mirror the natural warmth and transparency of your amplifier
  • Craft tight, clear tones, even with hefty pickups, for precision in low frequency response 
  • Enjoy exceptional playability that adapts to your playing nuances
  • Fine tune clipping, overdrive, and saturation levels for a personalised, powerful tone
  • Adjust internal voltage (6-18 volts) for dynamic control, less compression, and enhanced punch
  • Shape low frequencies in your signal, providing tight and transparent tones, even with robust pickups
  • Unique bass and low mid adjustment for a fat sound and distinct gain structure
  • Tailor your sound by adjusting frequencies, ensuring the ideal match for different amps and pickups
  • Crafted with NOS THT Fairchild J201 transistors for vintage authenticity and top tier signal processing
  • Featuring the DeMont 3PDT footswitch for smooth action, quiet operation, and unmatched reliability
  • Meticulously hand built with precision, ensuring quality and attention to detail in every unit
  • Sleek "Big Box" Hammond Enclosure provides a robust and stylish housing that ensures durability and pedalboard standout
  • Each pedal proudly displays the unique "20" graphic, signifying its rare and special status
  • Four LED indicators provide instant confirmation of the pedal's active status
  • Unaltered signal flow when the pedal is disengaged, preserving your original tone integrity
  • Top mounted jack sockets and DC input for efficient use of pedalboard space


The OKKO FX Diablo Dual is an overdrive pedal that has graced pedalboards worldwide for two decades and is now commemorating its 20th anniversary with an exclusive edition. The OKKO FX Diablo 20, a collector's piece with very limited numbers made, stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence. In total, only 50 OKKO FX Diablo 20 units were crafted, making it a rare find for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Meticulously designed, the Diablo Dual 20 goes beyond being just an overdrive pedal, it's a sonic powerhouse with exceptional dynamics and crystal clear, amp like tones.

Setting itself apart from the crowd, the Diablo Dual 20 features a unique set of controls that allow users to shape the "feel" of the overdrive, responding dynamically to their playing style. This isn't your typical overdrive; it complements clean amps, delivering a perfect balance of grit and clarity without compromise.

To mark this special occasion, no expense has been spared in creating the ultimate version of the flagship pedal. Housed in a sleek "big box" Hammond enclosure, the Diablo Dual 20 boasts oversized high voltage/low tolerance caps (MKT, Silver Mica, NOS styroflex), NOS THT Fairchild J201 transistors, and the ultra premium DeMont 3PDT Footswitch, renowned for its smooth action, quiet operation, and unmatched reliability in audio applications.

Celebrate two decades of passion, innovation, and uncompromising sound with the Diablo Dual 20, an exclusive edition that promises to elevate the playing experience. Make this pedal a cornerstone of your sonic journey and discover the unparalleled quality that has defined OKKO FX for 20 years.


  • MASTER VOLUME: Tailor your output level for the perfect balance in your signature sound
  • GAIN: Dial in your ideal mix of clipping, overdrive, and saturation for personalised tone perfection
  • VOLTS: Fine tune internal voltage (6 to 18V) for dynamic control, less compression, and punchier bass
  • FEED: Sculpt low frequencies, ensuring tight and transparent sounds, even with robust neck pickups
  • BODY: A unique twist from the classic Diablo, adds bass and low mids for a distinct, fat sound
  • TONE: Shape frequencies to suit your gear, crafting a tailored sound across various amps and pickups

Components and Technical Specifications

  • "Big Box" Hammond Enclosure provides a durable and stylish housing for optimum protection and visual appeal
  • Oversized High Voltage/Low Tolerance Caps (MKT, Silver Mica, NOS Styroflex) provide superior performance and tone
  • NOS THT Fairchild J201 vintage transistors for authentic, high quality signal processing
  • Ultra premium DeMont 3PDT Footswitch is a top of the line footswitch for smooth action, quiet operation, and unmatched reliability
  • Internal voltage adjustable from approximately 6 to 18 volts for versatile control
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • Less than 10 mA bypass
    • Less than 10 mA bypass

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 151 mm / 5.9 in
  • Width: 81 mm / 3.2 in
  • Height: 50 mm / 2.0 in


  • 425 g
  • 0.94 lbs

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