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OKKO FX Diablo GH Signature

Diablo GH Signature


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  • Gregor Hilden signature overdrive pedal 
  • Super clear and warm amp like tones 
  • Tight and punchy low end 
  • Loads of mids  
  • Perfect with clean amps 
  • Compatible with different pickups 
  • Controls that adjust to different amps, guitars and pickups 
  • Internal adjustment from 6 to 18 volts for greater headroom 
  • All metal enclosure 
  • Hand built and wired 
  • Gold enclosure with black graphics 
  • LED power indicator on and off 
  • True bypass 
  • All analogue 
  • Side mounted jack sockets 


Gregor Hilden, top blues guitar player, collector and dealer of finest vintage guitars and amps – this man knows tone.  More than 10 years ago Gregor Hilden bought one of the first OKKO FX Diablo pedals in a little shop in Germany.  Gregor Hilden kept the OKKO FX Diablo as his main overdrive pedal ever since that day, playing it in hundreds of shows and numerous guitar demo videos in his GregsGuitars Youtube channel.

High time to say THANK YOU with this signature model.

The OKKO FX Diablo GH Signature offers exceptional dynamic qualities and super clear, warm tone in a precisely adjustable 2 in 1 overdrive and boost pedal.  Unlike many other overdrive pedals the OKKO FX Diablo GH Signature works perfectly with clean amps.

The OKKO FX Diablo GH Signature model is based on the classic OKKO FX Diablo with a few tweaks and a set of new controls that affect the "feel" of the pedal, i.e. the way how it reacts to your playing. 


  • DYN: Adjusts the internal voltage from about 6 to 18 volts.  Increasing the headroom results in less compression, tighter bass and more punch. 
  • FEED: Controls low frequencies in the input signal allowing tight and transparent sounds even with the fattest sounding neck pickups. 
  • BODY: Control is a bit different from the older OKKO FX Diablo (and also from the OKKO FX Diablo GH Signature model). It adds bass and low mids for a fat sound and different gain structure. 
  • INPUT: Three position mini switch (normal/lowgain/top boost) sets the sensitivity of the input gain stage for best interaction with your guitars. 
  • MIDS: Changes frequencies in the tone control.  Perfect for matching pedal and amp tone. 
  • Each channel is adjustable in GAIN and LEVEL. You can change during playing or pre select the channels when in bypass mode. 

The BOOST section is a completely independent circuit and is located AFTER the DRIVE.  BOOST knob is the master volume (gain is set fixed), TONE controls treble content of the boosted signal.  Dial back for sweet boosted lead sounds. 

Component Listing and Tech Spec 

  • High quality components throughout 
  • 9V centre negative power 
  • Battery: no 

Enclosure Dimensions 

  • Length: 117 mm / 4.5 in  
  • Width: 91 mm / 3.6 in  
  • Height : 40 mm / 1.5 in 


  • 429 g 

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store are proud to be UK dealers for OKKO FX effects pedals.  If we do not have the OKKO FX effects pedal required, please message us via the contacts page and we will do our best to get the product that you want at the very best price and service. 

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