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Rainger FX Break Box

Break Box


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  • Innovative multi effect pedal combining powerful distortion, vinyl scratch, and dynamic chorus in a stylish, durable design for versatile and creative use
  • Offers anything from a gentle crunch to aggressive, high gain distortion
  • Fades in a lush chorus effect for enhanced, evolving tones on sustained notes
  • Emulates DJ style record scratching with adjustable pitch and speed
  • Enhances your sound with legendary Tonebender low end and crisp high frequencies
  • Experience a dynamic blend of powerful distortion, immersive chorus, and expressive vinyl scratching, all responsive to your unique touch
  • Fine tune your sound with versatile gain, tone, and volume settings, plus unique scratch and chorus effects, all in one pedal
  • Integrates analog distortion with precise digital effects, including a unique vinyl scratch emulation, for versatile and high quality sound shaping
  • Meticulously built with premium materials for durability, reliability, and distinctive design in every unit
  • Features a durable, asymmetrical wedge shape in a striking pink and black finish, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and robust protection for internal components
  • Features nostalgic vinyl stylus arm artwork for a unique, classic aesthetic
  • LED power indicator offers clear, reliable status indication for effortless operation in any environment
  • True bypass maintains your guitar’s original tone without any alteration or degradation when the pedal is disengaged
  • Top mounted jack sockets and DC input designed for easy access, efficient cable management, and streamlined setup
  • Manufacturer's three year warranty, terms and conditions apply


The Break Box distortion pedal from Rainger FX is unlike any effects pedal you've encountered. Designed to push your creative boundaries, this sound device merges wide ranging distortion, dynamic sustain, and a unique vinyl scratch effect, all while keeping your sound clear and precise.

Rooted in the heritage of the 2009 Rainger FX El Distorto overdrive pedal, the Break Box enhances its predecessor's powerful tone by integrating the legendary Tonebender tone stack, straight from Rainger FX's collaboration with Colorsound. This creates a rich, versatile distortion with deep lows, balanced mids, and striking highs. Whether you're after a subtle crunch or an intense, high gain roar, the Break Box delivers.

One of the standout features is the delayed chorus 'active sustain'. When holding a note or chord, a chorus effect gradually swells, adding depth and dimension to your sound. This effect is adjustable, allowing you to set the chorus speed from a gentle sweep to a rapid oscillation, giving every note and chord a unique flavour. Fast chords maintain clarity, while sustained notes bloom into a lush, resonant chorus. The integrated noise gate ensures that when you're not playing, the pedal is silent, eliminating unwanted hums and hisses.

The Break Box’s most exciting feature is its vinyl scratch effect. By pressing the turntable pad, your guitar mimics the iconic sound of a DJ scratching vinyl. This effect is not a pre recorded sample but is generated live within the pedal, with adjustable pitch and speed to recreate the authentic scratch sensation. Whether you’re going for short, rhythmic bursts or longer, sweeping scratches, the Rainger FX Break Box keeps the sound organic and expressive. Play dampened strings for sharp triggers or full notes for extended scratching.

Built for versatility, the Rainger FX Break Box's analogue distortion circuit has been meticulously refined to perform across a wide range of scenarios. Meanwhile, its digital components manage the scratch effect, noise gate, and chorus with precision. The hi/lo trigger sensitivity switch provides optimal control, accommodating various instrument outputs effortlessly.

Aesthetically, the Break Box is housed in Rainger FX’s custom asymmetrical enclosure, finished in striking pink and black. This distinctive design not only stands out visually but also reflects the pedal's innovative retro spirit.

The Rainger FX Break Box is a playground for musicians who crave something extraordinary. Whether you’re looking to add a gritty distortion, lush sustained chorus, or a DJ inspired scratch effect, the Rainger FX Break Box brings a new level of creativity to your music. It's perfect for guitarists, bassists, and anyone looking to experiment with fresh, engaging sounds. Unlock new sonic possibilities with the Rainger FX Break Box, where classic meets cutting edge.


  • VOL: Dial in your output volume effortlessly with tons of headroom on tap
  • TONE: Shape your sound with the Tonebender tonestack, delivering rich lows and piercing highs
  • GAIN: Adjust from subtle overdrive to intense, face melting distortion with the Gain control
  • CHORUS SPEED: Fine tune the chorus modulation speed, from smooth waves to rapid, wild oscillations
  • BLACK RUBBER SCRATCH PAD: Press down to transform your guitar into a record scratch trigger
  • PITCH: Control the scratch effect’s pitch and speed, from quick flicks to slow, sweeping movements
  • ON/OFF FOOTSWITCH: Toggle the Break Box on or off with true bypass, preserving your pure tone
  • TRIGGER PAD: Manage high output instruments to avoid unwanted triggers, without affecting distortion levels

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Crafted with top tier components for outstanding durability and reliable performance
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 54 mA bypass
    • 56 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 118 mm / 4.64 in
  • Width: 73 mm to 88 mm / 2.8 in to 3.4 in
  • Height : 12 mm to 42 mm / 0.47 in to 1.65 in


  • 303 g
  • 0.67 lbs

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