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Stumpbox Pedals Get Fuzzed Gold Knob Fuzz Pedal

Get Fuzzed Gold Knob Fuzz Pedal


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  • Experience the iconic tones of the legendary 1960s Astrotone/Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx with this hand built fuzz pedal
  • Versatile effects pedal that offers musical fuzz, as well as versatile overdrive and distortion tones
  • Stackable with other fuzz pedals to create unique and powerful sounds
  • Enjoy enhanced bass response with a boosted input signal for a fuller and more powerful sound
  • Adds depth and richness to your tone for a captivating sound experience
  • Carefully adjusted Bias control ensures a balanced and pleasing tone
  • Thoughtful circuit modifications for enhanced performance and optimal sound quality
  • Minimise power supply noise with a filter capacitor, delivering cleaner and clearer tones
  • Exceptional musical qualities with medium to high gain silicon transistors
  • Reduced noise for top notch performance thanks to metal film resistors
  • Built with high quality components for excellent tone and minimal noise
  • Meticulously crafted and tested by the founder and electronics engineer, Andy Banks
  • Features reliable Gorva footswitch, Alpha pots, Lumberg input and output jacks, Cliff DC jack, Panasonic & KEMET capacitors, CDIL 2N2222A and BC108 transistors, Fairchild and Onsemi diodes and Jeds Peds JP Pro aluminium knobs
  • Precision drilled Hammond enclosure for durability and precision
  • Eye catching UV printed graphic adds visual appeal
  • Convenient LED power indicator for easy on/off status monitoring
  • Transparent sound when the effect is off thanks to the true bypass design
  • Authentic analog circuitry for a genuine and classic tone
  • Side mounted jack sockets for easy connectivity
  • Backed by a two year manufacturer's limited warranty for peace of mind


Introducing the incredible Stumpbox Pedals Get Fuzzed Gold Knob! Inspired by the legendary 1960s Astrotone/Sam Ash Fuzzz Boxx, used by guitar greats like Tommy Bolin, Leslie West, and Gene Cornish of The Rascals. Stumpbox Pedals have worked their magic to capture those iconic tones in a compact pedalboard friendly design.

Get ready for some seriously musical fuzz and overdrive tones with the Get Fuzzed Gold Knob. While part of the Get Fuzzed pedal trilogy, this pedal goes beyond traditional fuzz and offers overdrive/distortion tones, which means it not only sounds fantastic on its own but also stacks amazingly well with other fuzz pedals. It might just change the minds of fuzz sceptics out there!

Stumpbox Pedals have made some exciting improvements to the Get Fuzzed Gold Knob to take your playing experience to the next level. They've boosted the input capacitor value to give you a fuller and more powerful sound, with extra emphasis on the bass response. Plus, one of the coupling capacitors has been enhanced to add depth and richness to your overall tone.

To ensure the perfect balance, Stumpbox Pedals have carefully adjusted the tone (Bias) control resistor value. This means you get more bass without sacrificing the pleasing balance of the fuzz pedal. Stumpbox Pedals also added a filter capacitor to minimise any unwanted noise from the power supply, giving you cleaner and clearer tones.

The Stumpbox Pedals Get Fuzzed Gold Knob features medium to high gain 2N2222A and BC108 silicon transistors known for their exceptional musical qualities and low noise levels. Stumpbox Pedals have taken it a step further by using metal film resistors to reduce noise even more, ensuring top notch performance.

Rest assured, every Stumpbox Pedal is meticulously built and tested by the founder, Andy Banks, with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence. The Stumpbox Pedals Get Fuzzed Gold Knob is packed with carefully selected, high quality components to deliver excellent tone and minimal noise. You'll find Gorva footswitch, Alpha pots, Lumberg input and output jacks, Cliff DC jack, Panasonic and KEMET capacitors, CDIL 2N2222A and BC108 transistors, Fairchild and Onsemi diodes and Jeds Peds JP Pro aluminium knobs

With Stumpbox Pedals, you can trust in the dedication to craft, engineering and customer satisfaction. Get ready to experience the remarkable sound and performance of the Get Fuzzed Gold Knob and unleash your creativity like never before!

What's In The Name?

Curious about the origins of the company's name? "Stump" in Stumpbox is an homage to the esteemed Stump Tailed Macaques, also known as "Stumpies," who reside at Monkey World in Dorset. Monkey World is a remarkable primate rescue centre established in 1987 by the late Jim Cronin and Jeremy Keeling. Today, it is expertly managed by Jim's wife, Alison, and her exceptional team. The center is home to over 250 rescued and endangered apes and monkeys from various parts of the world, including the largest group of chimpanzees outside of Africa. Monkey World's daily operations are featured in the highly popular television show "Monkey Life."


  • FOOTSWITCH: Easily switch the effect on and off
  • VOLUME: Adjust the overall volume of the effect to find the perfect balance for your sound
  • FUZZ: Dial in your desired level of gain, distortion, fuzz, and saturation to shape your unique tone
  • BIAS: Fine tune the tonality of the fuzz tone, customising the character and sound of the effect to your liking

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Incorporates high quality components for exceptional performance 
  • Gorva footswitch: Reliable and smooth operation for easy switching
  • Alpha pots: Precise control with high-quality construction
  • Lumberg jacks: Secure connections for minimal signal loss
  • Cliff DC jack: Durable power connection for stability
  • Panasonic/KEMET capacitors: Excellent performance and reliability for sound quality
  • CDIL transistors: Low noise amplification for clean audio signals
  • Fairchild/Onsemi diodes: Accurate signal rectification and control
  • Jeds Peds JP Pro knobs: Attractive and comfortable for enhanced user experience
  • Hammond enclosure ensures quality and precise construction 
  • Powered by a 9V center negative power supply 
  • Current consumption: 
    • Less than 10 mA in bypass mode 
    • Less than 10 mA when engaged 
  • Battery operation is not supported 

Current consumption verified with a Truetone mA meter reader

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 111 mm / 4.4 in
  • Width: 60 mm / 2.3 in
  • Height: 31 mm / 1.2 in


  • 247 g
  • 0.53 lbs

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