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Thorpy FX Scarlet Tunic

Scarlet Tunic


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  • Introducing the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic Analog Amp Emulator, a pedal that transforms your playing
  • Replicates vintage tones of the legendary Selmer Treble and Bass 50 amp
  • Captures the essence of DR103 and AC30 amplifiers for a vast range of tonal possibilities
  • Experience the iconic sounds of early Pink Floyd and let your creativity soar
  • Enjoy authentic distortion and dynamic response that rivals a full size amplifier
  • Master your tone with intuitive controls including GAIN, TREBLE, BASS, PRESENCE, DEEP switch, BRIGHT switch, and SENS switch
  • Achieve endless tonal possibilities, from subtle crunch to amp saturation, and shape your sound to perfection
  • Enjoy exceptional responsiveness and dynamic range, thanks to the premium transformer equipped circuit
  • Indulge in the finest craftsmanship with 1% metal film resistors and renowned capacitors for consistent performance
  • Discover low noise performance, reliability, and tonal consistency for a worry free music experience
  • Invest in a pedal that reflects the dedication and craftsmanship of ThorpyFX, delivering unmatched performance
  • Trust in the reliability and longevity of a pedal crafted with passion and expertise
  • Enjoy a beautiful stainless steel enclosure, laser cut and laser etched, wrapped in a durable powder coat base
  • LED power indicator provides clear visual feedback, ensuring you're always ready to rock
  • Experience unaltered tone when the pedal is disengaged, thanks to its transparent true bypass design
  • Convenient top mounted jack sockets for easy and hassle free pedalboard integration
  • Trust in the durability and craftsmanship of the Scarlet Tunic, supported by a 2 year warranty


Introducing the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic Analog Amp Emulator, a pedal that will transform your playing experience!

Designed to replicate the vintage tones of the legendary Selmer Treble and Bass 50 amp, the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic was initially developed for Lee Harris of Saucerful of Secrets. Now, you can channel the iconic sounds of early Pink Floyd and unleash your creativity on stage or in the studio.

The standard ThorpyFX commitment to excellence led Adrian Thorpe to expand the pedal's capabilities. Alongside the Selmer Amp tones, the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic also captures the essence of the DR103 and AC30 amplifiers. This means you have a vast range of tonal possibilities at your fingertips.

Equipped with a premium transformer, the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic reacts dynamically to your playing, delivering the authentic distortion and response of a full size amplifier. It seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, working harmoniously with your amp, other pedals, guitars and pickups.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic features premium components such as 1% metal film resistors and renowned WIMA and Panasonic capacitors. This ensures consistency, reliability, and low noise performance, allowing you to focus on your music without worry.

Check out the video demonstration and hear the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic in action. You'll be amazed by its tonal versatility and the inspiring sounds it can create.

With the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic Analog Amp Emulator, you're guaranteed years of exceptional performance and tonal bliss. Unlock a world of sonic possibilities and elevate your music to new heights. Order yours today and experience the power of the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic!


Take charge of your sound with the intuitive and versatile control options of the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic Analog Amp Emulator.

  • MASTER: Take control of your pedal's volume output with the MASTER knob. Adjust it to achieve the perfect balance alongside the GAIN knob and sensitivity switch, ensuring optimal performance
  • GAIN: Crank up the drive level of your pedal with the GAIN control. From a subtle crunch to full on amp saturation, the possibilities are endless. The sensitivity switch influences the range of this control, giving you even more versatility
  • TREBLE: Shape the treble response to your liking using the TREBLE knob. Turn it counterclockwise for smoother tones or clockwise for a brighter, more vibrant sound
  • BASS: Achieve the desired bass response with the BASS control. Dial it counterclockwise for a brighter touch or clockwise for a darker, more pronounced low end
  • PRESENCE: Unleash the full potential of the ThorpyFX Scarlet Tunic with the PRESENCE control. This powerful knob modifies the upper mids response, transforming the character of the pedal and allowing you to sculpt your tone
  • DEEP SWITCH: Fine tune the bass character of your pedal with the DEEP switch. Like a master bass control, this switch lets you tailor the low end to your preference, adding depth and richness to your sound
  • BRIGHT SWITCH: Customise the brightness of your pedal's tone using the BRIGHT switch. Like a master highs control, this switch allows you to shape the high frequency response for a sparkling, crisp sound
  • SENS SWITCH: Take control of the gain character with the SENS switch. Like the input jack options found on vintage amps, this switch offers three gain levels, giving you flexibility and control over your pedal's performance

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Uncompromising Quality: Premium components throughout for superior performance
  • Precision Engineering: 1% metal film resistors for precise sound reproduction
  • Exceptional Capacitors: WIMA and Panasonic capacitors for enhanced tone
  • Built to Last: Robust through hole plated PCBs ensure durability
  • Increased Headroom: 9V centre negative power internally bumped to 18V
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 26 mA bypass
    • 32 mA engaged
  • Battery operation is not supported

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 125 mm / 4.80 in
  • Width: 99 mm / 2.60 in
  • Height: 55 mm to 35 mm / 2.17 in to 1.38 in


  • 713 g
  • 1.57 lbs

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