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Thorpy FX The Bunker

The Bunker


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  • ThorpyFX Bunker MKII is an evolved version of the cherished Brown Source overdrive pedal
  • Enjoy classic Brown Source style drive or delve into harmonically rich tones by adjusting the texture
  • The Bunker MKII delivers a wide range of drive sounds, from light and crispy to heavier tones
  • Crafted to evoke the feel of cranked British amplifiers from the 60s, delivering an authentic playing experience
  • The Bunker's EQ and controls interact harmoniously, enabling personalised sound sculpting
  • The toggle switch interacts seamlessly with the Tone and Texture controls for versatile sound shaping
  • The Bunker MKII features two footswitches for effortless control during performances
  • One footswitch toggles the pedal on/off, allowing for quick activation and deactivation
  • The other footswitch activates the "SAUCE" mode, bypassing the tonestack for a unique tonal structure
  • Delivers amplified volume, reduced noise, and enhanced flexibility
  • Premium 1% metalfilm resistors and top quality components ensure impeccable sound and reliability
  • Exceptional build quality and craftsmanship that enhances the pedal's overall performance
  • Enclosed in a stunning laser cut black anodised aluminium casing secured by a metallic brown base
  • The Bunker MKII's graphic embodies strength and boldness, reflecting its powerful and robust tones
  • Dual LED indicators provide clear status feedback
  • Featuring true bypass, ensuring transparent signal flow when the pedal is off
  • Top mounted jack sockets and DC input for easy pedal alignment and cable management
  • Experience the assurance of a two year warranty with ThorpyFX


Introducing the ThorpyFX Bunker MKII drive pedal, the ultimate evolution of the cherished Brown Source overdrive pedal. This remarkable upgrade brings you a smaller, louder, and incredibly versatile experience, giving you full control to craft your perfect drive sound effortlessly.

Designed to transport you back to the iconic cranked British amplifiers from the 60s, the ThorpyFX Bunker MKII offers unmatched tonal flexibility, elevating and enriching your guitar's sound.

Building on the legacy of the Lovetone™ Brown Source circuit, the Bunker MKII delivers amplified volume, reduced noise, and enhanced flexibility, all thoughtfully packed into a pedalboard friendly footprint.

Explore a vast range of drive sounds with our innovative texture control, from the classic Brown Source style to thicker, harmonically rich tones, allowing your creativity to flow freely.

Taking charge of your sound is a breeze with the four intuitive knobs, Volume, Drive, Tone, and Texture. Refine your tone even further with the three way toggle switch, offering a diverse array of tonal characters when the texture control is set high.

Transition smoothly during performances using the two footswitches, one for on/off, and the other for tone stack bypass, granting you instant switchable tones at your fingertips.

Crafted with precision, the ThorpyFX Bunker MKII boasts a laser cut black anodised aluminium enclosure resting on a sleek metallic brown base. Its robust design, featuring recessed knobs and top mounted jacks, ensures durability and flawless functionality.

Inside, the ThorpyFX Bunker MKII shines with premium 1% metalfilm resistors and top quality components, meticulously assembled to deliver the highest quality sound. It's engineered to elevate your guitar playing, inspiring new creative possibilities.

Efficient and convenient, the pedal operates on standard 9 volt power with a standard DC input, seamlessly integrating into your gear setup.

Embark on a captivating journey of tonal exploration with the ThorpyFX Bunker MKII. Unleash your true potential and elevate your guitar playing to new heights with this exceptional drive pedal.


  • LEFT FOOTSWITCH: Power up the BUNKER with a simple tap
  • RIGHT FOOTSWITCH: Get saucy! Activate "SAUCE" mode for a level boost and unique tonal structure. Tone and mode switches won't affect it
  • VOLUME: Pump up your sound! Increase the pedal's volume output to command the stage
  • DRIVE: From subtle crispiness to heavy sounds, crank up the drive level for maximum impact
  • TONE: Shape your tone with ease. Adjust treble and bass for smoother or brighter sounds. Interactive with mode and sauce switches
  • TEXTURE: Get creative! Adjust clipping quality for a range of timbres, from classic to rich and complex
  • MODE SWITCH: Fine tune the high end response. Perfectly complements the Tone and Texture controls

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Premium components for top tier performance and tonal excellence
  • Compatible with 9V centre negative power supplies
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
  • 8 mA bypass
  • 9 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 125 mm / 4.9 in
  • Width: 66 mm / 2.6 in
  • Height: 55 mm to 35 mm / 2.1 in to 1.4 in


  • 453 g
  • 1.0 lbs

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