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Vemuram Butter Machine

Butter Machine


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  • Delivers versatile, high quality distortion with exceptional clarity and dynamic control, designed for both stage and studio use
  • Crafted in collaboration with Michael Landau, delivering his distinctive tone and musical vision
  • Provides rich, clear, and dynamic distortion, from warm overdrive to aggressive gain, with precise high end clarity and deep, full bodied bass
  • Captures every nuance with sensitivity and delivers a smooth, organic response, maintaining musicality for both subtle and aggressive playing styles
  • Tailor your sound precisely with the combination of TONE, SPARKLE, and LOW MID controls
  • GAIN, VOLUME, and TONE knobs allow for easy adjustment from gentle overdrive to powerful distortion, ensuring perfect sound balance for any setting and style
  • Circuit developed in partnership with renowned guitarist Michael Landau for exceptional tone precision and versatility
  • Meticulously hand built for superior durability, precision, and musical expression
  • Robust solid brass enclosure provides durable protection, noise shielding, and a professional aesthetic for superior pedal performance
  • Distinctive Japanese style gold font enhances the  appearance with elegant, artistic detailing and clear control visibility
  • Includes true bypass to preserves your guitar's natural tone integrity by minimising signal loss and maintaining optimal clarity
  • Side mounted jacks and a convenient DC input enhance pedalboard organisation and performance reliability
  • One year warranty for worry free ownership with coverage against manufacturing defects and dedicated customer support


The Vemuram Butter Machine, a Michael Landau signature distortion pedal, epitomises precision engineering and artistry. This distortion pedal is the culmination of a meticulous two year collaboration between Vemuram and session guitar legend Michael Landau, reflecting his quest for a perfect overdrive and distortion sound. Through rigorous testing and numerous prototypes, including real world use in recording sessions and tours, Vemuram has created a distortion pedal that meets Landau's high standards and exceeds expectations.

Designed to deliver premium tones for both guitar and baritone, the Butter Machine offers a new type of distortion that’s both versatile and user friendly. It provides a natural overdrive that retains musicality and sensitivity, ensuring that every note you play feels rich and expressive. With controls for Gain, Volume, and Tone, alongside unique trim pots for Sparkle and Low Mid adjustment, this pedal allows you to sculpt your sound with precision.

The Sparkle trim pot, centred around 6kHz, lets you add a touch of high end crunch, perfect for cutting through the mix without harshness. Meanwhile, the Low Mid trim pot ensures the bottom end remains full and balanced, adding depth and warmth to your tone. These features make the Vemuram Butter Machine adaptable to various rigs and playing styles, whether you’re on stage or in the studio.

What sets the Vemuram Butter Machine apart is its ability to maintain clarity and punch, even at lower volumes. This makes it ideal for dynamic playing, preserving the integrity and responsiveness of your performance. The distortion pedal offers everything from subtle overdrive to intense distortion, making it a versatile tool for any guitarist.

Landau’s endorsement speaks volumes about the quality of the Vemuram Butter Machine. He describes it as having “gain and sustain for days” while staying “clear, punchy and solid” across the entire tonal spectrum. The Vemuram Butter Machine is more than just a distortion pedal; it’s an instrument that enhances your playing, providing a satisfying and inspiring sonic experience.

For those seeking the ultimate in guitar tone, the Vemuram Butter Machine delivers a perfectly balanced blend of innovation and tradition. It’s designed not just to be played but to be savoured, offering a playing experience that feels truly special. This pedal is a testament to Vemuram’s commitment to quality and Michael Landau’s impeccable ear for tone.

But the magic of the Vemuram Butter Machine doesn’t stop at its remarkable sound. Its solid brass casing does more than just look impressive; it serves as a robust shield against unwanted noise, guaranteeing pristine, crystal clear tones in any setting. Each Vemuram pedal, including the Butter Machine, is meticulously hand built with precision and care. This dedication to craftsmanship is a reflection of Vemuram's unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality, ensuring that every pedal not only performs exceptionally but also stands the test of time.

In essence, the Vemuram Butter Machine is more than just a pedal; it’s a gateway to unparalleled tonal freedom and musical expression. Whether you're capturing the nuances of a delicate studio session or unleashing the full power of your sound on stage, this distortion pedal delivers with uncompromising quality. Embrace the legacy of Michael Landau's signature sound and the excellence of Vemuram's engineering. With the Butter Machine at your feet, every note you play will resonate with clarity, punch, and the unmistakable feeling of something truly special. Discover your new favourite tone and enhance your rig today.


  • GAIN: Shape your drive from subtle warmth to powerful distortion with precise control
  • VOLUME: Effortlessly balance your output for both quiet practice and stage shaking performances
  • TONE: Sculpt your sound to perfection with versatile tone shaping for any musical style
  • SPARKLE Trim Pot: Add crisp high end clarity for a lively, dynamic presence in your mix
  • LOW-MID Trim Pot: Boost your low end for rich, full bodied tones that resonate deeply

Components and Technical Specifications

  • Features high quality parts for superior durability and reliable performance
  • Solid brass enclosure provides exceptional durability and minimises noise, ensuring pristine audio fidelity
  • 9V centre negative compatibility
  • Battery operation is not supported
  • Current Consumption meter readings (mA) by Truetone:
    • 10 mA bypass
    • 12 mA maximum engaged

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Depth: 113 mm / 4.4 in
  • Width: 64 mm / 2.5 in
  • Height : 32 mm / 1.2 in


  • 417 g
  • 0.92 lbs

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