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Strings For Hope


Instrument String Recycling

Welcome to FX Pedal Planet Online Store, where we are honored to partner with Strings for Hope, a remarkable organisation that has been transforming lives in Nashville for over a decade. Since their establishment in 2010, Strings for Hope has been using pre owned musical strings to provide second chances to survivors of addiction, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

Through their innovative program, survivors not only find employment opportunities but also receive supplementary income and gain valuable job skills during their transition. Strings for Hope takes pride in sourcing makers directly from transitional housing facilities, ensuring a supportive and empowering environment.

Strings for Hope's mission goes beyond just creating jewelry from recycled strings. Their products embody the spirit of Nashville - kind, creative, and rooted in the city's rich musical heritage. By purchasing their unique jewelry, you not only own a piece that celebrates music but also contribute to the incredible work they do.

At FX Pedal Planet Online Store, we wholeheartedly support Strings for Hope's cause. We provide a platform for musicians like you to donate your used instrument strings. By sending your strings to us or directly to Strings for Hope, you play an active role in their mission of empowerment and transformation.

To donate your strings through FX Pedal Planet Online Store, simply email with the details of the quantity and type of strings being sent. We'll provide you with a delivery address. Alternatively, you can directly mail your strings to Strings for Hope at:

Strings For Hope
100 Taylor Street C12
Nashville TN 37208
United States of America

We also invite you to explore our insightful feature, 121 Feature with Strings For Hope, which provides a deeper understanding of the incredible work they do and the lives they touch.

By supporting Strings for Hope, you become an advocate for survivors of addiction, domestic violence, and human trafficking. Together, we can make a lasting impact and bring hope to those in need. Thank you for joining us on this meaningful journey of compassion and empowerment.