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Paul - London, UK

"5 star customer experience!

I bought this little beauty (Intensive Care Audio Fideleater) through FX Pedal Planet, and I am very happy I did.  Reasonably priced, excellent communication, super quick (and free) postage and, crucially, very well packaged!

The pedal itself is amazing and an utterly unique take on chorus, vibrato, flanger and delay.  I am finding great uses for it when paired with guitar, synthesizer, mic'd up percussion and plain ol' white noise bursts. Inspiring stuff!

FX Pedal Planet have a really impressive catalogue of hard to find pedals, and I would not hesitate to support them again!"

Chris - North Carolina, USA

"I recently purchased two pedals from the FX Pedal Planet Online Store, an Intensive Care Audio Vena Cava Filter, and a Dirty Haggard Audio Arachnid Fuzz.  Both pedals shipped super fast, were well packaged, and sound fantastic!  I highly recommend them for all of your pedal needs, and cannot wait to order the next tone machine! Cheers!!!"

Steve - Bristol, UK

"I recently bought the Intensive Care Audio Vena Cava Filter from FX Pedal Planet Online Store and it was a brilliant experience!  Lightning quick dispatch and the item arrived unbelievably well packaged. I would highly recommend and will be returning soon!"