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Why Buy Boutique?

Why Buy Boutique?

At FX Pedal Planet Online Store, we love effects.  In particular, boutique effects.  We are passionate, not only about tone, but the visual aspect, skill and personality that goes into each and every build.  To quote Michael Varela of Tonetuga FX, we all want the pedal that stands out on a board.  The pedal that makes people walk over and ask, "what is that?".

Boutique guitar and bass effects are made by small independent builders, often consisting of one person. The boutique effects builder is passionate about effects, just like you and I.  Plus, like all the great effects builders of today, all start as a small company making limited batches of effects, driven by a passion for what they make.

Boutique guitar and bass effects are built and wired by hand.  Many builders adapt existing circuits making adjustments to create a totally unique sound.  Or, to improve the pedal in a certain way.  Circuits are often soldered onto printed circuit boards with selected premium components that have been tested, one by one.  Some boutique builders hand wire their effects pedals point to point using skills and techniques from the golden era of rock and roll.  This results in a totally unique sound and experience.

Artwork is an essential part of effects pedal and often gives a visual interpretation of what to expect before the pedal is switched on.  Builders choose a range of techniques from printing, acid etching and even painting the enclosures by hand.  The latter are skills learned after many hours of trial and error and researching into how the best finish is achieved.

Boutique effects builders make pedals in small batches meaning that the user buys a truly one off pedal, which may become collectable.  Something that only they, or a limited number of people own.  Indeed, some effects pedals from vintage years now demand hundreds and even thousands of pounds to buy.

So, with all these benefits, surely there must be a premium price tag?

This is not always the case.  Many boutique effects builders create pedals that are very affordable.  Particularly since the market is very competitive.  However, you can of course buy expensive if you wish.  Choice is available when buying boutique.

What you get with a boutique effects pedal, is something that is truly special.  A pedal that is unique, desirable, lovingly built with passion, sounds great and looks amazing.  A pedal that will stand out on your pedal board and be a talking point at your next gig or band rehearsal.

It is difficult to describe, but once you are hooked on boutque effects, it is hard to wriggle free.

When buying boutique, you are not just buying a product, you are supporting an industry, or, a family. The guitar and bass effects industry is one of the most supportive out there.

Without boutique building, there would be no JHS, Wampler or Keeley etc.  These are leading brands in the industry who all started as boutique builders making small batches of pedals, or modifying existing pedals.

Because, if we do not support boutique effects builders, then there will be no large scale manufacturers of guitar and bass effects in the future.  It all starts at the grass roots level.

So, we hope that you choose to buy boutique and experience what we feeling passionately about.