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Dirty Haggard Audio Demonic Percolator

Demonic Percolator


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  • Green Russian style tones 
  • Suitable for rock and metal 
  • Fuzz even with gain at zero 
  • Low noise circuitry 
  • Noise suppression 
  • Two separate noise gates 
  • Input and output boost circuits
  • NOS PNP Russian transistor from 1988
  • DO-35 form factor silicon and germanium clipping diodes 
  • All metal enclosure 
  • Hand built and wired 
  • Adjustable volume, gain and tone controls 
  • Vulture and demon graphics 
  • LED power indicator on and off 
  • True bypass 
  • Side mounted input and output jacks



Low noise is crucial in the design of all Dirty Haggard Audio effects and the Demonic Percolator is no exception.  In fact, the Demonic Percolator includes no less than two separate noise gates.

The first and more aggressive of the two is user adjustable via a trim pot located on the circuit board.  This gate also adjusts the amount of gain.  Turn it one direction to heavily clamp your sound, turn it the other way to release the noisy demons from hell into your amplifier.  Set it somewhere in the middle for balanced low noise operation.

The second gate is located after the main gain stage and is hard wired.  It reduces extra noise rather than completely cutting it out.

To reduce the effects of power supply hum and radio interference, an aggressive filter has been placed at both the power and signal inputs.  No one needs their guitar signal corrupted with radio pickup or power buzz and hum.

The tone circuit is very familiar to lovers of fuzz and takes a nod towards the ‘Green Russian’.  Tone wise, the Demonic Percolator is a distinctive and finely tuned fuzz box.

The Demonic Percolator includes an input boost circuit to heavily drive the main gain stage, and an output boost so the output volume is above unity gain.

Since the tone circuit has its origins in a Russian made device, it seems fitting that the Demonic Percolator includes a NOS (new old stock) germanium PNP Russian transistor from 1988.  This transistor, and a high gain silicon transistor, form the Demonic Percolator topology.  In addition, and in keeping with the hybrid silicon and germanium aspect of the transistors, the clipping diodes are a combination of silicon and germanium (all of which in the DO-35 form factor).

Dirty Haggard Audio pedals are fuzz to their core.  This means that even with the Gain at zero, the Demonic Percolator will fuzz.  The Gain control is a fine tune to the fuzz tone.  A great feature if you are just looking for the absolute best in fuzz, high gain and low noise.


  • Tone: ‘Green Russian’ style tonal control
  • Gain: Controls level of fuzz
  • Volume: Adjusts the signal volume 

Component Listing and Tech Spec

  • NOS (new old stock) germanium PNP Russian transistor from 1988 
  • High gain silicon transistor 
  • DO-35 form factor silicon and germanium clipping diodes 
  • 9v DC centre negative power 
  • 1mA current consumption 
  • Battery: no

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 118 mm / 4.6 in 
  • Width: 91 mm / 3.6 in 
  • Height: 33 mm / 1.3 in


  • 290 g

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