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  • Tones inspired by the Akai GX 210D 
  • Gooey warm saturation 
  • Suitable for guitar, bass, vocals, synth and other instruments 
  • Simple and versatile controls 
  • Amazingly versatile three clipping diode toggle 
  • 9V and 18V for increased headroom 
  • All metal enclosure 
  • Hand built and wired 
  • Volume, gain and three clipping diode toggles 
  • Power indicator on and off 
  • True bypass 
  • Space saving top mounted jack sockets


Inspired by an old Akai GX 210D reel to reel tape machine from the 1970’s, the JPTR FX Jive Reel Saturator was made to give you the gooey and warm saturation obtained when pushing the Akai’s preamps to the max.

The JPTR FX Jive is bold, gritty, present, and simply chock full of screaming old school mojo.  The JPTR FX Jive is your sonic dream for creating lo fi garage tones, vintage warmth and presence to your guitar, bass, and vocals etc.  In fact, the JPTR FX Jive can also turn your modern synth into a tone machine from 1972.

The JPTR FX Jive’s control set is supremely simple, yet staggeringly versatile.  Familiar Volume and Gain controls make things louder and dirtier as expected, but what truly gives the JPTR FX Jive character is its three clipping diode toggles on the right hand side of the pedal.

The top toggle introduces an asymmetrical 1N4001 silicon diode, the middle inserts a symmetrical 1N4001 silicon diode, while the bottom toggle presents a symmetrical 1N4148 silicon diode.  You can mix and match all these diodes as you please, for worlds of different dirt flavours. 

Use JPTR FX Jive as a volume boost, a subtle compressor or even a semi transparent overdrive to exalt your tone with variable distortion and tear some walls down with lots and LOTS of dB.  It is all up to you. 

You can even run this mojo monster on everything from 9v to 18v giving even more headroom to explore the crackling and gritty textures within the Jive.


  • Volume: Controls output signal 
  • Gain: Adjusts clipping and dirt 
  • Top toggle: Asymmetrical 1N4001 silicon diode 
  • Middle toggle: Symmetrical 1N4001 silicon diode 
  • Bottom toggle: Symmetrical 1N4148 silicon diode

Component Listing and Tech Spec

  • 9V to 18V centre negative power 
  • <50 mA current consumption 
  • Battery: no

Enclosure Dimensions

  • Length: 120 mm / 4.7 in 
  • Width: 65 mm / 2.5 in 
  • Height : 39 mm / 1.5 in


  • 246 g

FX Pedal Planet Limited and FX Pedal Planet Online Store are proud to be UK dealers for JPTR FX boutique effects pedals.  If we do not have the JPTR FX effects pedal required, please message us via the contacts page and we will do our best to get the product that you want at the very best price and service.

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